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M Y N A  ✨Expect miracles✨

They chose to wear the same thing today and are the proudest sisters ever. ❤👏🏻😂 I love their love

Always something going on. [hashtag] topless

Anyone see the Netflix movie called Minimalism? I purged 80% of my closet and about 90% of the jewelry I used to wear in the last week. And it feels so good to let go of shit. My closet is empty and is my new favourite room. I can even do yoga there if I wanted. I feel freer, and have more room without wanting to fill it. I feel so much peace with more space. Peace of mind creates a calm heart so never underestimate the value of more space (and while you're at it, stop buying shit that you don't need). Save your money, save your time, enjoy your sacred space. You don't need to to buy a bigger home to house all the crap you've bought over the years. Simply get rid of the things you no longer have use for and you'll find you'll have more time to enjoy life instead of always cleaning up. Yes, we still have stuff to cleanup in our home but at least now I can hide in my closet and just breathe without feeling claustrophobic and trapped. Cause that's what stuff does- it traps you. Let go. Free yourself from the chains that stuff has on you. •

Now repeat after me: I am letting go of things that no longer serve me. *and exhale*

Someone is excited about pool weather. 👆🏼 #thepoolisourbabysitter #shesafish

We've had a hard couple of weeks but no matter what this face will always light up and make us feel better. ❤

Sometimes when you don't have a babysitter, you need chips and chocolate. Any mommies there hear me?! 👂🏼 🙌🏼

She hasn't napped yet and it's way after lunch. #crashing

Eat chocolate. Have fun.

My peeps❤

A long, long time ago, we rented a house in Hawaii and I wore the most incredible shirt. #getwet #notmyglasses #notmybeer #loosenup #havefun #getwet #livelaughlove

This is your life, little one. Own it. Own your words. Own your thoughts. Own your feelings. Own your past. Own your future. Create only with the best intentions. Your future will unfold in front of you by being here, now. Make peace with your present breath and trust. Relax your gut- your gut feeling. Breathe deeply into your stomach and let the air seep out slowly. Trust that it will all turn out better than ok. Better than your wildest dreams. Trust that all you do is enough. Trust. Just trust and breathe. Find and nurture your passion and live it. Breathe it. Allow it to infiltrate your life with all its beautiful energy. Be love. Be in love with your own heart. Feel the love radiate your body. Your being. Your aura. And beyond. Know that whatever path you take is the path you take. It's *your path, not mine. Not your dad's . It's all yours. There is no wrong way, there are only lessons and growth. And it doesn't matter what age you are, the sun rises again and you can start from scratch. Each day. Each breath. Know you are worthy of more than what you have ever dreamed and can receive all you've ever wanted. If you allow it. -
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