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Meet Fresh  2710 Alton Pkwy, Ste 105, Irvine, CA 92606 .Traditional Taiwanese Desserts .Milk teas .Herbal Jelly .Shaved Ice .Taro Balls

Taro+Red Bean+Boba=Bliss #meetfresh

Heat things up with our Red Bean Soup! #meetfresh

It has beans so it counts as dinner, right?
Tofu pudding with delicious kidney beans! #meetfresh

What's in your bowl today? Herbal Jelly no.2 #meetfresh

It's a little chilly outside, California! Come warm up with a red bean soup and taro rice ball. Nom. #meetfresh

Red Bean Soup with Sesame balls counts as lunch, right? #meetfresh

Chewy, delicious Mochi is the way to our hearts! Made fresh daily #meetfresh

Sometimes simple is the most delicious. Noodle Jelly with Taro balls! #meetfresh

It's sunny and warm in southern CA today! Perfect for a Kidney Bean slush with Whipped Cream ✌️ #meetfresh

Purple Rice Porridge with Small Taro Balls! Make your Sunday insanely awesome. #meetfresh

Tis the season for Sweet Potatoes! With whipped cream, nom. #meetfresh

Taro Shaved Ice and everything nice! #meetfresh

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