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Miranda.  Hai, I'm Miranda. I'm 16. I will be 17 in around 2 months c:

Oh hey. I'm wearing a pair of pants as a dress. XD wow I'm dumb, imma go now.

So I was watching cry play the walking dead and then Sarah -this one chick I didn't like- got killed off and then the pregnant chick -I don't remember her name.- had her baby and it was a boy and then then she died. Oh! Nick also died bc he was bitten and turned.

Wow, Yukio.

Guess which ones are cheese and which ones are pepperoni. It's easy. c: ..week for me it is.. cx wow I'm annoying-- okay imma go now Kay bye.

Sorreh, I'm kinda spamming you guys.

My camera is kinda fuzzy bc I cracked my screen badly, but it's okay bc my iPad still works. :)

Wow I look weird. cx This was way before I dyed my hair and cut it. cx

Nummy. :)

This was from after a fashion show I was in. My hair and make-up was really nice, but I'm never doing that type of thing again. :)

Me everyday.

This is really dumb and no one will comment, but here it is anyways bc I'm bored. #wow Im Lame #random #doesnt really have a point #but oh well

The real question for this picture is: why is only one of his nails painted?

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