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Today's the day! 12 hour twitch stream and my subscriber video is being sent out for this month only! Come hang out today!

Jinkies!! For an exclusive Velma vid head to my Twitter for details! (Lovelylilith00)

Want a FREE video of me as Velma? Have Amazon Prime? If you do have prime, come to twitch and gift me a subscription free of charge through your prime account! Every 30 days you can freely gift me a subscription- and every month I'll have an EXCLUSIVE video for my Twitch subscribers. If you don't have prime and subscribe anyway, you still get the video (along with all the other sub perks). (Link in bio)

The ability to get this vid will last a month (once it's finished next week), so don't miss out! 😚 💥💥💥PS: To make sure I can send you the vid, send an email to with your twitch sub name!💥💥💥

Hope you're having a great week! New video in my store! (Link in bio!) 🔅Playing on Twitch live tonight 7EST! 🔅

Come say hi!

Subscribe to my channel on twitch and get on a private Discord, play games with me, and have a say in what happens during stream! 🔅🔅

Gonna play a scary VR game with Jaown on our combined channel! Check it out! Be on in 10 minutes! 💥 💥

So....I heard you've been naughty. 😘

Link to videos in my bio!

Hey everybody! In case you haven't heard, I was recently in a fairly serious car accident last month. I got to be the ping pong ball between two cars. 🤕Thankfully, I'm no longer on bedrest and can get back to making content.
Speaking of-- There's a new video in my store (link in bio) which is part of my girlfriend experience series! Hope you enjoy it! Thanks for all the support!!😘 (Follow me on a Twitter for adult content- same name as here)

Wear your seatbelts!

Lilith, mother of demons! It's BEAUTIFUL @mrharrymanback Thank you so much!!! Follow: @mrharrymanback @mrharrymanback @mrharrymanback for more amazing works! He did another one that's more mature. I'll post it on my Twitter (lovelylilith00)! 😍😍😍

Hey ya all! Hope you're doing well! Join me and spend the rest of your day being nice and cozy! 😊 Finally got around to making new content. Should be in my store in a little bit!😘 (link in bio)

Someone sent me this image and it blew my mind. They really have gotten so much bigger! 🤣 See the growth over the last few years in my store (Link in bio). #lovelylilith 😘 I'll be posting more adult versions like this on my Twitter (same name as here). 😉Aaaand I DON'T KNOW HOW OR WHY they kept growing. If I knew, I'd be rich 😉. So.... don't ask.

It's #FiveBuckFriday in my store! My newest vid has lots of button popping! Check the link in my bio to get it! Also follow me on Twitter for 🔞stuff. #bigboobsproblems

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