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If you look real close at every raindrop, the reflection of the palm tree is within it. Loving this rain❤

Valentines Day 2017 ❤

When I cant be there to take pictures of my girl, these people have me covered. Thanks @h_u_x_16 for getting 'thee' shot and @dbergco for getting this shot.
The queen looked beautiful ❤

havent been on this account much as Ive been over on twitter trying to distinguish between fake news and real news. Truth is, twitter is a hateful place with everyone just stating their opinions in 130 characters or less. But Ive been reignited with a new passion Im going to start producing which will focus on love, hard work and the people who make this country great. Details coming soon 💕

Taryn and I always laugh at chaos. When you think about it, It's hysterical really. The moments before this picture were chaotic and 2016 was a year filled with chaos particularly with the election. Much crap went on and people reacted emotionally instead of reasonably. So the lesson to learn in 2016 is to hear both sides of a story before reacting. And the real story behind this picture (and Taryn's smile) is Toby's penis was soooo cold from sitting in the snow I asked Taryn to cover it so the icicles wouldn't get jealous. She laughed instantly after being so frustrated with our chaotic photoshoot. I wish all of you a very happy new year and if you are caught up in chaos, take a moment to stop and find reason. Then you will be able to laugh about it. PS Toby cracks up every time he sees this picture 😂😂😂

Taven's company just installed this beautiful putting green with sand trap in my dads backyard and thats my dad in his happy place 💕

Happiness is sharing a banana cream pudding with @jennmc5 and @tarynlarissa during christmas season in NYC

So my plan failed. I was hoping Taryn would hate NY and the cold which would make her not want to go to school at The Kings College. BUT it was everything and more. She met students, the director of admissions and toured the campus (building) and got to see an actual apartment the students stay in.
As much as it wont feel right for her to be all the way across the country, I feel like this is a good place for her to explore her future self. It is such a unique experience in the middle of NYC.

5th avenue is not for me* but we had to see the beautiful tree.
*the crowd was overwhelming and we couldnt move for two blocks

she got to see the first snow of New York this year

when I see things in three, I think of you her and me #3tlcs