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Chloé McLennan  Los Angeles

With and without @rayvictoria

Last light with @rayvictoria

The last photo was removed. I'm posting a different one as I can't bring myself to recensor my favorite image of her that was already censored. I know I'm heavily biased, but the images I take never look "nude" to me. It's not a requirement when I shoot and never happens if the person is uncomfortable. I shoot this way because it's quite literally just them, a person exactly as they are.
Plus, Ray is a fucking warrior goddess and doesn't need adornment. ❤️ @rayvictoria

Mono Lake

Bones, death and dust.
She still looks up.
Salton Sea with the lovely @meredithadelaide

The always exquisite @rayvictoria

My understanding of Meredith's complexity and depth only gets clearer and stronger the more we work together. But her power and incredibly honest presence have been apparent from the first moment I met her. I'm forever grateful that @meredithadelaide lets me be in her life.

Light and calm with @rayvictoria for @last.daze ❤️

There are enough beautiful photos.
It's not what I want.
It's not what this is.
This is about a woman, a full being of power that fights every day to be the truest version of her highest self.
This is a woman that deserves to be valued, seen as she is, and to be given back every shred of positive energy she gives out.
A woman whose form is a vessel of incredible strength, potential, and embodiment of light.
A woman who is in absolute, unquestionable control of who she is, what she needs, and how she wants to live.
A woman who is to be respected, loved, and cherished for her limitlessness.
A woman who does not need, want, nor deserve projections of limitation, selfish expectation, or spineless attempts for control in the masking of pathetic shortcomings from others.
She is a woman.
She is every woman.
She is every person.
The full series of @rayvictoria for @last.daze coming soon ✨

The beautiful @hattiewatson

The reason I love shooting someone more than once is because I'm always searching for a piece of them that's raw and true to their being. I don't expect to find that, or even ask for that on the first meeting. It's about honoring their complexity, and putting the time in to really see someone. Picking up a camera has become far less about the final product, and more about intense connection and working toward trusting vulnerability. Ray, @rayvictoria, is a brilliant force and it's an absolute joy to just attempt to do her justice.
The full series for @last.daze coming soon ❤️

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