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Annabelle Love👑  25 Yrs Young💁Ario De Rayon Michoacán🇲🇽BabyBoy On The Way 07/27/2017👶🏻Aquarius♒️Money Is My Motivation💵No Time For Nonsense🚫Don't Trip On The Rest💏

Our sonshine was soo active this morning 😍 #weloveyouson💙👪

The rose 🌹 my lover gave me is still so pretty😍 #babydaddy #mylove #iloveroses ❤️

Oh my gawshh 😍 my nephew is the cutest EVER💙

Elijah Jayce Espinoza😍 #tialoveshims #suchahappybaby 🤗

25 weeks down, 15 weeks to go! We're almost there son, and we're soo excited! Being pregnant is such an amazing experience and I'm enjoying every moment of it💙 What a blessing it is to be able to create and grow a little us👪 #weloveyoujr #oursonshine #julybaby👶🏻

When you and your girl have the same due date 😍 she's so little, I feel like a whale🐳 lmao 😂 but then again she's having a girl and I'm having a boy ❤️💙 #pregofriends #july27thbabies #our2ndbabies🤗

Yesssss 😍 I can't wait to see my lover, Friday couldn't come any sooner💙 #imissyou #itsbeen2weekstoolong🤗

The snaps I wake up too 😍😍 I love you monkey, can't wait to see you in june💙#goodmorning #hefillsmylifewithsoomuchcuteness #cutestbabyever😘

I love you to the 🌙 and back 💙 I can't wait to see your face again, my days are so long without you ugly😩 #teamo #mifeo #daddytho💏

Can't wait for you to come home, I hope your having a blast tho😍 wish I could be there with you daddy💏 #onedaycloser #imissyou #iloveyou💙

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