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No matter how beautiful the haircolour, it'll still look unpresentable if the hair condition is frizzy & dry. On top of that, my heart sinks a little deeper into a blackhole when it starts to fade off too quickly. Let's put the Dove Colour Radiance series to the test with my newly bleached & dyed locks! I've been itching to post this cause I'm so happy to finally have a brand that actually allows me to express my personal opinion & review about their products ❤️ Thank you @DoveMalaysia for the trust & sending these products over! #SponsoredPost #DoveMalaysia #DoveHairCare

My IG profile picture. OK mou?

Although not one of my fav. activity in the itinerary, this is still one of my fav. photo. We got at least 1 shade darker after being under the sun for almost 2 hours like how salted fish is made. #damnishouldvebroughtanumbrella #ikanmasininthemaking #sundriedanchovies

Move along now, nothing to see here. This is the body of many hours of dishwashing, floor mopping, sweeping, vacuuming & many hours of sitting at the office, file lifting and document sorting. And maybe lots of Korean spicy noodles. #rarevoluntaryphotobybfsomustappreciatekawkaw #sorryimnotyourtypicaligperfectbody #ichoosementalhealthoverabs #atleastjustfornow

For the first time in so many years, these photos are taken with a phone. OK mou?

Guess if it's wine or coffee? ☕️🍷

Taking my @breenabeauty Wanderlust for a lil wanderlust adventure ✨

I used to get so offended when people ask me if I had my nose/face done. But when I think about it again, they're probably right. I had mine done since I was a baby by my parents & my grandma who religiously pinch my nose on every baby bathtime 💩 On another serious note, cosmetic surgery/enhancements will always have it's risks. If you've done your homework & prepared for the consequences, sure go ahead. But don't forget that you should still look like YOU 👍🏻 #notagainstanythingcauseihavecosmeticfillerstoo #peoplesayilooklikekpopstars #nobitchtheylooklikeme #jk

Booked this hotel for the open air bath with a small window view of Tokyo Sky Tree. Worth the money? Not really. Worth for the experience? Perhaps. #noneedtozoomyouaintseeingshit #boobsonlyforhusbandboyfriendandbabies

A week ago, I had fancy coffee prepared by 小鲜肉 at @emptycup_my. ☕️ #notsponsoredaf #idontownshares

You-bumble-mah-bee 🐝❤️

Borderline oompa-loompa orange (they say it's sun-tanned) skin, unbelievably almost Tiffany blue sky (and denim) & colour tuning the shit out of any greeneries around. Am I millennial Instagrammer yet? #peoplearesogonnasmackmyfaceforthis #dontgetmewrongitdoeslooknicer

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