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Lumi  Your Favourite Honest Hobo The Coffee & Onigiri Life

Gurl like you yea yea

Can someone please explain to me why is there a pineapple in the washroom? 🍍 #wholivesinapineappleunderthesea

"Lai kasi throwback a bit" #whatkindoflanguageisthis #rojakaf

Gen Z mou? ✨ Everything @colourpopcosmetics except for the glitter & mascara.

New hair, hu dis? Hair always by @76hikky @number_76

I find myself going back & forth with this photo that's been sitting on the draft of my IG post for weeks. Wondered if I should or shouldn't upload this seeing it's out of what I usually put online. Heck, I've also tried waiting for a good reason to post it. Or maybe when I have a good caption to go with it. But you know what? I don't want to have a purpose nor motive for it be out here. I like how it looks, I post. End of story. (πŸ“Έ @jesuistigerlily) #letsseehowpeoplereacttothisphoto #boobstapibukan #boobsstillforboyfriendhusbandandbabies #nomore #habis #haramtapibukan #cannotharamcauseoldalready #actuallynothingtoharamalso

I'm kind but nobody said I have to be nice. Throwback photo of some @jesuistigerlily magic when I still had my long black hair.

My plus one always gotta put up with my nonsense like taking photos of me lying on random floors. 🌝 Gotta say tho, the floors at @colony.kl is LOVE!

Golden hour sunset = Best filter EVER.

Turn on audio! Bet you didn't see this coming but it's my crazy love affair with.... πŸ™Š

One of my favorite piece from @room8008 photographed by @_theleftside ❀️

Time to spot the difference!!! These 2 photos were taken on separate days which is BEFORE & AFTER using the Dove Colour Radiance series! Yes, I'm BACK with my very own verdict about the product!! I actually do enjoy how the shampoo cleans my scalp & doesn't give me oily scalp issues the next day. The conditioner leaves my hair silky smooth every single time too! Did it do what they claim it does? (ie : Retain vibrant hair colour for up to 10 weeks) A disclaimer beforehand, my hair colour still bleeds even in contact with just water. And the shampoo still does wash off colour from my hair. BUT, it somehow stops bleeding after rinsing & conditioning!?? This is my 6th wash already so I'll let you be the judge 🌝 Frankly speaking, I had my doubts because I prefer clean scalp over anything else. I'm enjoying this range & so far no complains from your Lumi πŸ’πŸ» #SponsoredPost #MyColourRadiance #DoveMalaysia @dovemalaysia

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