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Lecente™ Nail Art Products  Innovator and Supplier of Professional Nail Art Products and Education worldwide 🌎 Dedicated to supporting the Nail Professional 💅 #LoveLecente

There's nothing quite like a good set of glitter tips! How stunning are these by @sammyblcnd using a mix of Lecenté Glitters: Babydoll Multi Glitz, Spark Fireworks, Silver Holo, Black Holo and Rainbow Black Iridescent ✨ #lovelecente #lecenteglitter

Who says nude nails have to be boring? Our Bronze Ultra Fine Glitter goes perfect over nude @cndworld Shellac colours to add a little bit of neutral sparkle! ✨ #lovelecente #lecenteglitter

The ultimate festival mermaid nails by @jenski2008 using Lecenté Neons, Layer It! & Rainbow Chrome with @cndworld "Cream Puff" 😍 They are just ridiculously dreamy 🙌🌈 #lovelecente #lecenteneons #lecentechrome

Can't pick one? Try them all! There's a whole rainbow of Lecenté Glitters to choose from ❤️🌈 #lovelecente #lecenteglitter

We absolutely adore these gorgeous nails by @mllrdesign using our Lecenté Baby Doll Multi Glitz 😍 #lovelecente #lecenteglitter

Barely there but so beautiful 😍 Our Golden White Iridescent is the favourite of our Office Co-Ordinator Charlotte, and we can see why ✨ Perfect over any base to create sparkly goodness #lovelecente #lecenteglitter

Go wild by using glitter, foil and chrome all in one set like @sopolishable! These nails use Spark Fireworks, Pewter Holographic, Rainbow Chrome and Silver Holographic Foil and we love them! ✨👏 #lovelecente #lecenteglitter

We love how our Urban Glimenté looks over @cndworld Shellac "Clay Canyon"! The perfect burnt orange colour ❤️ #lovelecente #lecenteglitter #glimente

The most summery nails by @amandatrivett using Lecenté Neons, Banana Strands, Banana Iridescent Glitter and Black Holographic Glitter 🍌 So pretty! #lovelecente #lecenteglitter

You definitely get what you pay for 💅💸 Shoutout to all the gorgeous nail techs using Lecenté products! 😚 Background glitter is Sea Green Ultra Fine 🌊 #lovelecente #lecenteglitter

All the mermaid nail goals by @goddessspa 😍🐚 Using Lecenté Boyfriend Blue and Ocean Iridescent Glitters ✨🙌 #lovelecente #lecenteglitter

Fancy nails that would rival Dorothy's Ruby Slippers? Use Lecenté Cardinal Multi Glitz over @cndworld Shellac "Wildfire" for gorgeously red results 👠 #lovelecente #lecenteglitter #cndshellac

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