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Shelly Case

@marine_parents is amazing!! 😊

"Mom, when I get bigger, can me and you go to Mexico? I can get the boys maracas and me and you can get Norwex shirts. And we would get Daddy flowers 🌺."

This has been such an amazing trip! ☀️ #thankyounorwex #norwex #feelingthankful&blessed

#this is the life

"Welcome to McDonald's, may I take your order?"

We can't wait to pick up our new family member ❤ #Messi

Not sure who's having the most fun!

Name that movie... A little gift for Rob, from one of his favorites. #whyistherabbitunafraid?

Rolling with our homies. Craft, coffee, conversation. Perfection!

When I tucked Alli in she had a couple babies tucked in next to her and some up in their 'crib.' ❤❤ #mamainthemaking

❤️ #latergram