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Keisha Epps  Blessed!!

Joyfully walking into my birthday with a knowingness of sowing more into me will not only light the fire of my path but it will also be a light to those near and far that I LOVE. So blessed for the LOVE & grace of God, Lord knows I am and also for the abundance of LOVE I’m surrounded with from my family and close friends. #EarlyBirthdayCelebration #Started5daysAgo #SoonHeadedBackIntoTheStates #BirthdayGirlsTrip #WithWomenILOVE Countdown 4 more days! 🙏🏽 photo cred: @bunnylove my sister❤️

Cannot express how happy I am for this blessing of a man & the release of his new book From Fatherless To Fatherhood!!The truth and inspiration in this book is for everyone..not only for fathers/men. I believe every piece of great literature should move, teach and inspire. Job well done my LOVE. Author added! LOVERS, please go to @omarepps page and click the bio to see how you can get your copy. Share the wealth ya’ll, spread the word. #KnowledgeIsWealth Proud of you baby for sharing your story with the world. And even more proud of you for writing your very 1st book🙏🏽❤️😌...and it won’t be the last! #ProudWife

In regards to you taking the FIRST step. You’ll see it wasn’t so bad. That all of that hesitation was all a figment of your imagination. Boy, the mind is a powerful thing. And by the way, are you using it? Your mind, I mean. Or is it using you? 🤔 hmmm #PushThrough...especially those self doubting thoughts. Push pass them and move AHEAD. So again,I dare you take the first step. It’s the least you can do with your wonderful self😌

The song in my head...Let’s give them something to talk about 🎶 So proud, I had tears in my eyes and did a double take! Don’t know why. I’m not surprised at all. A genuine, go getting Queen and she’s from my hometown New Jersey. I know your mom is dancing and singing with your brother✨ Continue to shine and make us proud La! Made my day even better😊#QueensReigning——- #Repost @queenlatifah
Say hello to the Honorary Dr. Dana Owens 🎓 Thank you Rutgers University and congratulations to all of the graduates of the class of 2018!

And even if you should fall, you get right back up. Where’s your fight? Turn your bad into good, turn your good to better and make your better your best. You don’t need, naysayers or cheerleaders to help you be your best self. All you need is your maker, the discipline, the will and some zest..the rest will follow. You don’t need permission to be GREAT. You just need the faith to know that you have it in you. You know, stop doubting it. #PracticeYourGreatness #WithPurpose thank you😌 😘#LOVEbytesByKeisha

Feeling like a thrillist today✨ what are you feeling like?

And then this😭😌❤️ From my soon to be 14 year old daughter. #Swipe
My heart just melted. That’s all. #MomentsLikeThis #Priceless #IamLOVEDiamLOVEiLOVE #MomLife

Greatest LOVE I’ve ever known❤️ The greatest and hardest job I’ll ever have and the flyest and most precious title I’ll forever cherish. With honors. So if you ever question where I’ve been...I’ve been pouring all of me into all of them✨ And now...... be continued😌 #IamBlessed #QueenMother #Mothersday2018

Had me in tears reading this.... #Swipe
My kids wrote thee most beautiful cards to me. This is what my 10 year old son wrote😊Moments like that are blessings I don’t take for granted. My kids are LOVERS, thank God. It’s some of life’s greatest rewards & blessings😌 #weMakeItLookEasy✨ #GodBlessMothers

My Mom. Guilty of the most selfless act ever committed. And so is every good mother. To this day, you still amaze me by how much you continue to give, do, challenge, push, give, do, challenge, push. God truly blessed me in making you my mom. I cherish our relationship. It’s always been special and I value our mother daughter friendship. I honor you, Queen for all of your sacrifices, your hard work, your love for your family, your desire to always want to help others and the LOVE you have and still pour into me..and now into your grandchildren. I know LOVE because of you. Thank you Ma. You are a gem! Everybody LOVES Nanee😌❤️ #TrueStory @nanee.44 #MayGodContinueToCoverYou

It’s time. Time to let go of any thoughts that block you from moving forward. Time to let go of all the excuses you can think of. Time to face all odds. Time to put on your warrior shield and fight for your greatness. Let no one tell you what you can’t accomplish. You are your own dictator. And if no one is telling you can’t and it’s you inside of your’s time to start a new dialogue with self. Really it’s a time for you & God but in self, you’ll find HIM✨It’s time to challenge yourself, I mean the greatest failure is not doing/not trying. It’s time to be greater, do greater. What are you waiting for? Tomorrow is already an excuse. #LoveBytesByKeisha 💋#PokingSelf

Red looks bomb on you!😍 #DoIt

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