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Keisha Epps  Blessed!!

Je vous adore❤️ makeup @manuartistry hair @jstayready_ ✨✨

Congratulations to our Homecoming Queen in her first year of high school❤️ You are far more beautiful than the eyes can see. Stay shining my LOVE. #HomecomingQueen #HomecomingDance #ImNotReady😩#BeautifulFromTheInsideOut #Freshman #Highschool #MyNiña 📷 @1shaylove

The day is finally here!!! Hope to see you today at the Grove✨The official signing!Get your copy of #FatherlessToFatherhood the book and get it signed by yours truly @omarepps Your support is always appreciated. If you’re not in the LA area you can get it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or LuLu. One man’s journey can inspire the next man’s and so forth✨. Congrats baby!! Hard work always pays off❤️#ProudWifeAndBestFriend

#tbt when your sister sends you a photo she took of you a month ago for the first time😱🤣 #bdaytripshenanigans I so owe you one @bunnylove Wait for it😏 #OhIWasKnockedOut #suchAGreatTime LOVE you much xoxoxox ❤️

#Repost @omarepps
“We don’t have time for what if’s”
Don’t miss the Season 3 premier of #ShooterTV TONIGHT 10pm/9c on @usa_network!!! 🔥🔥🔥
@shooter_usa - - - - wouldn’t miss it for the world my LOVE❤️ Popcorn + jalapeño ready!

A really prominent artist told me about this as we were talking about life, the world, the control and disconnect... I talk about this often, nothing new but loved this post and thought to add a little more and share. K my social media time is up for the day😎 #PlantFruitfulSeeds #SpreadTheWealth

When the people (us) don’t realize our power and the agenda in the first place,..the world begins to look just like it does. The matrix is really not that’s always been up to us. I pray this is just a START of us being ACTIVE. #LOVEconnectsItdoesntSeparate #CollectiveMovementBecauseWe #AreAllConnected #NotKnowingYourPowerIsTheIr #GreatestWeapon #ComeOn Even when you can’t see the truth in the moment, if we would move from a place of LOVE and TOGETHERNESS you would SEE. Truth is visible and invincible. This game is old. #WheresOurSpiritualGangstaAt? #GodsWaitingMan

Happy Father’s Day my King, husband, best friend,best life partner, father to our beautiful children, patriarch and selfless provider to not only us, but to many. We thank you, honor you, salute you and LOVE you so much. Your dedication to the betterment of our family is invaluable. Your heart, your drive and your word is priceless! The example that you are to our family everyday never goes unnoticed. You make what is not easy, look easy. Thank you for showing us the walk of power, that’s silent. Thank you Omar😌❤️🙏🏽 @omarepps

I first learned how to drive a car, driving a stick shift. Growing up I was mad silly and really wasn’t a part of the pretty girl clique. We had our own “it’s not that serious, we enjoy having fun clique”. I would freestyle raps with my homeboys at the lunch table while they beatboxed or rocked a beat on the lunch tables. In band class...yes band(I played the flute for 5 years) I often made my friends crack up imitating Mr.Bendig🤷🏽‍♀️ and in lunch when I wasn’t free styling, I was making my friends spit out their chocolate milk or juice from laughing so hard at me. I had a mean imitation of my grandma😇 Oh then when 5 Percenters was the new thing. I got a burgundy hoodie w/Pink letters made that said “Nyleka” with the rest of my friends who quoted “Non cypher” lol...I never left Jesus though! Young and having fun. Welp...thanks for taking interest in that big one helluva life sharing playback of mine🙅🏽‍♀️❤️ #SomethingAboutKeisha #sharingIsCaring #JerseyGirl

Like anything else moving forward, it takes participants and the will. A bike won’t move unless the participant one- wants to ride and two- rides. A car won’t move without someone driving it. In all relationships: mother to child, child to mother, father to child, child to father, kids to pets, pets to kids, spouse to spouse, student to teacher, teacher to student, employee to employer, employer to employee, sister to brother, brother to sister, friend to friend, foe to foe. We put into, what we treasure and what/who we value. Sometimes we’re so engulfed, we forget that a simple “thinking of you” or “love you” will go a long ways. We can at least verbalize it until we can physically put it in action. #DoTheWork #TheRewardsRHealthyAndFruitful #LetMeMakeAFewCallsMyself

I LOVE me a good soul ✨

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