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The Lovejoy Foundation, Inc  📲310-719-5707 Adoptions held every Sat/Sun. Find us on the West side of Inglewood at 1121 West Hillcrest Blvd, of 90301


This is Baby Belle, she was rescued from a bad man who was carrying her around in a back pack. This bad man had super glued the ears not only together but to the top of this baby's head. A good man and his family quickly acted and took this girl into their hands and nursed her back to health for a week and then called us in for help. She has spent the last week with us with many applications of neosporin to give us the ability to pull the ear flaps apart and off the top of the head. Thankfully we were successful and then found a bad ear infection due to lack of air and dirt remaining in the ears after the bad man super glued them.
This little fire cracker is none the wise and is a happy healthy girl who loves to cuddle and give kisses. She is worth a look.
She is just 8 weeks old and looks like a Boxer in her face but she is not going to be much over 25 lbs when full grown.
Visit with us tomorrow at our adoption event from 11am to 5pm and spend some time with the Baby Belle just even to see the happiness after such a horrific start.
Thank you to the family that saved her and brought her into our rescue program.
The first pics are of her with her ears unglued and the others are of her with them glued.

Our little guy Gunner was stolen/went missing from our backyard today (8/7/17). He was last seen around 1pm in Torrance area by Border Avenue and Plaza Del Amo. He's 8 months old, about 25 pounds, and trusts/loves everyone. Please help bring him home to us by sharing this post. We are heartbroken and hope he is safe. Thank you for your support and help. This post was copied from FB page South Bay (Torrance Area) resale group, please look there for Talya Goody and Greyson Goody.

FOUND in INGLEWOOD last night 8-8-17

This boy was picked up by Inglewood PD running in the construction area of the new stadium, no tags, no chip.
Anyone recognize this boy? Please contact us here at The Lovejoy Foundation 310-719-5707 with any information that will help us find the owner.
Thank you Onnie Hull Photography Onnie Hull for shooting this boy for us today.
Inglewood Police Department Lost and found pets Inglewood , CA

New rescue ready for adoption-
Meet Spock, he came to us so frightened and withdrawn. But over these last 10 days he has blossomed into a loving confident young boy. He is a small dog and is only about 9 months old. He is loving towards other dogs and is also good with kids but no one under 10 years of age. He has learned to play with toys and is having fun running around chasing his tail. This special boy is worth a look. #adoptdontshop #alldogsmatter #puppiesofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #mutts #bitsas #lovejoyfoundation #dogs #saveadogtoday #helpourstrays #rescuedogs #rescuedontbreed #rescuepup #furbaby #volunteer #nonprofit

ADOPTIONS today 11am to 5pm

Have some fabulous new additions this week. Check out these babies below.
Three puppies are Husky mixes, two boys, one female. They are 8 and 1/2 weeks old. These babies are fun, playful and super affectionate.
The Poodle mix name is Curly and he was owned by a homeless man inn MaCarthur Park. Curly came to us or a better life. He is so wonderful and a fabulous dog. Curly is a 3 and 1/2 year old neutered male, hypoallergenic. These babies are fun, playful and super affectionate. Come by and meet these doggies today at our adoption event 1121 West Hillcrest Blvd. Inglewood, Ca 90301.

This dog was picked up by a social worker while on her way to school at Jefferson Elementary this morning. This dog is not chipped. Anyone know or recognize this sweet soul? Please direct any inquiries to 310-719-5707.
Inglewood Police DepartmentLost and found pets Inglewood , CALos Angeles Petfinders

UPDATE on stray from Inglewood dropped off at Police Department three and a half weeks ago.
Red (name given to him by us) was found by Good Samaritan running onto the 105 freeway on ramp in rush hour. He was then brought to Inglewood Police Department. We were called in to help and we immediately went to get this puppy in the early evening on a Friday.
Sadly no one has come forward claiming Red as their own. Three days after we picked him up he was diagnosed with a strong positive for Parvo. Dr. Harrison jumped into action to provide all the necessary medical attention needed to ensure a recovery for this amazing young boy. We are happy to report that Red is a survivor and is thriving and doing amazing after beating this deadly disease.
Thank you Dr. Harrison as always and to our amazing staff here at The Lovejoy Foundation who all played a part in getting this pup to pull through. It has been over fourteen days since the onset of the virus and Red is no longer carrying the disease and is no longer a risk of passing the virus to others. Here is his first day of freedom back on the yard. He froliced in the sun and played with his friends.
Red is on our neuter list for Thursday's schedule and will be ready for adoption once he recovers. If you are interested in meeting this 4 and 1/2 month old Red Nose Pit, please call 310-719-5707 to set an appointment to meet him.
Inglewood Police Department

Meet mama Colette....only a baby her self (11 months we estimate), she was rescued by someone who had the heart but not the time and eventually found her way to The Lovejoy Foundation. Colette has nine, three week old, beautiful babies, that she isn't that interested in caring for as she herself is so young. Luckily Erin and her crew are very adept had managing these kinds of mama's and the babies are thriving in her capable hands. They won't be ready for adoption for at least four weeks, but we wanted to share this bundle of love with you. #adoptdontshop #alldogsmatter #puppiesofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #mutts #bitsas #lovejoyfoundation #dogs #saveadogtoday #helpourstrays #rescuedogs #rescuedontbreed #rescuepup #furbaby #volunteer #nonprofit

Come meet Uki, 7 month old female Maltipoo, needs love and understanding, she was abused by her former owners, but she has managed to stay super trusting and full of life!!! Adoptions Sunday 11-5 at the clubhouse 1121 West Hillcrest Blvd, West Inglewood. #adoptdontshop #alldogsmatter #puppiesofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #mutts #bitsas #lovejoyfoundation #dogs #saveadogtoday #helpourstrays #rescuedogs #rescuedontbreed #rescuepup #furbaby #volunteer #nonprofit

Come meet the only two left of the Mama Sugar litter, 9 week old Chi mixes, very sweet boy and girl (she is blind, but what a love!!!!) Adoptions Sunday 11-5 at the clubhouse 1121 West Hillcrest Blvd, West Inglewood. #adoptdontshop #alldogsmatter #puppiesofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #mutts #bitsas #lovejoyfoundation #dogs #saveadogtoday #helpourstrays #rescuedogs #rescuedontbreed #rescuepup #furbaby #volunteer #nonprofit

Come meet Rose, dachshund/pit mix 9 weeks old, very calm and VERY SMART!!! Adoptions Sunday 11-5 at the clubhouse 1121 West Hillcrest Blvd, West Inglewood. #adoptdontshop #alldogsmatter #puppiesofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #mutts #bitsas #lovejoyfoundation #dogs #saveadogtoday #helpourstrays #rescuedogs #rescuedontbreed #rescuepup #furbaby #volunteer #nonprofit

Come meet Quinn, Rat Terrier, high energy, mischievous little character who will steal your heart! Adoptions Sunday 11-5, at 1121 West Hillcrest Blvd, West Inglewood. #adoptdontshop #alldogsmatter #puppiesofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #mutts #bitsas #lovejoyfoundation #dogs #saveadogtoday #helpourstrays #rescuedogs #rescuedontbreed #rescuepup #furbaby #volunteer #nonprofit

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