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maggie.  we will be rembered.

there's this really creepy guy in my grade who likes me most of the time and he just says weird things to me. I'm like... get. away. ew. || so um I wrote a song? wanna see the lyrics? it's not that good.. but. and it wouldn't get up until at least tomorrow.

went skiing today:p me and @pastryswift had a good time!!

I'm tired. like staying up all night really wears me out!! so I'm going to sleep. it's light out so I hate it though. but yeah it's like 8 am here

no school today(: tonight there's this all night thing that I'm going to where we go to church at 8-9 then go to a community center where we get tickets to get food(: and we can swim and ice skate and there's now ups and basketball and it's gonna be fun!!! at like 4am we go to the movies and yeah! IM E X C I T E D.

I miss you taylor. all I want at the concert, is for your hair to be curly. just please keep it for the concert. okay bye I love you taylor. ~maggie

just got done protesting (marching) for abortion in my states capital. we could go if we wanted instead of going to school. it was a really good experience(:

my best friend ( also my neighbor) might be moving.😭😭😭😭😭😭

sorry guys! I had an unplanned two night sleepover with my friend so I couldn't post!!!

well. there goes my 2k. I'm going to a friends house later tonight

sorry guys I went to a coffee shop after school with my friend!

goodnight. I'm going to bed cause I can.

gurrrl. I know you love your dominos. || I'm losing followers guise. like what if I don't have 2k anymore! :O I'd cry. no I wouldn't but I'd be mad. maybe a s/o? what no I'm kidding don't.. what was I thinking?! mmkay bye. see you on the other side of the street! no idk.

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