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Sami Liz  "The little I know about love is that it's unconditional. It's not something you can buy."- Stardust


Making some beautiful Christmas decorations with some wonderful ladies
#christmas #snowman #ornaments #ornament #pinecone #glitter #paint #winter2017 #crafts


To quote someone I saw on twitter the other day: artists take your medicines. You’ll feel better and think clearer than you think you will off of them. Your brain will not be perfect, you’ll still struggle, but give yourself something to work with instead of suffocating it by taking away what it needs.
Aka: don’t do what I did and trial and error going off of a medicine to see if it helps. Spoiler alert: it helped my brain not feel like it was always going, but I forgot about sneaky depression and that started to win. Not good.
#takecareofyourself #toself #takeyourownadvice

I just really love Chinese food :) #peanutbutterchicken #eggdropsoup #whiterice #glutenfree

Sadly, this fell off of the necklace that someone kindly made for me a couple years ago after a brief lil period of being an elf, but I still have my bottle of magic snowflakes :)

So I hate spiders and I hate this a lot, but this looks really cool #spiderweb #lamp

Good food with good friends @itsfunnsizee @stefaroni_

I google “what to wear to a poetry reading” and it went from 0 to 100 real quick lol #screenrecording

Chamo-mana-tea 🌾🌼☕️ #manateeinfuser #chamomiletea #tea :) (I like this tea with a little bit of milk, and I messed up and did too much. Whoops lol)

Shameless plug: if you have animal crossing:pocket camp, add me. Lol :) #animalcrossing #pocketcamp

Got to see the lovely @thegreybunnygirl today and catch up for a few hours!! She also made and gave me this magnificently beautiful succulent terrarium for Christmas!!! :) #iloveit #💚 #thankyou #itssobeautiful

This reception is so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️ #livestockexchangeballroom #spencerandalyssa #kroghwedding

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