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I ate outside Saturday... there's more bites than you can see, there's six or seven on my foot, two on my wrist, one on my thigh, and one on my arm. They're all mosquitos but they look so angry because I've scratched them. Rip

@asexuality_by_the_masses #asexyflaggiveaway Oh wow, I spent three hours trying to get seven dollars to buy that one rainbow flag that was on sale? But yeah like bisexual, non-binary, or straight up standard rainbow would be perfect (and the black and brown stripe version would be A++)

What friends are for

You can't make this shit up. Also, does anyone know where I can read Killing Stalking without paying for it? Lezhin has the worst system.

So I was eating with my family and the server was this guy in his twenties, he had a rainbow flag pin. So I spent like half an hour arguing with my anxiety and then he came over to refill my mom's water and I said "By the way, happy pride month!" and guys his face just lit up

I'm the only one who's just now watching Sherlock s4 but look at his face he's like "oh come on not this again"

I mean I have like two followers but whatever :)))

So I had a school thing today and it was like a competition. My main enemy in this was this black girl and /god damnit she had the best smile/ and o god I have a crush don't I

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