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Alessa.  I like big sweaters, books, cats, cold mornings, tea, blankets, plants and alternative music. Inspiration comes from the samllest things :)


I miss the summer soo much! The beach , and especially here where there was a wreck in the middle of the beach, brings me back so many memories from the past. soon I'll upload new photos with a film camera :000!

Thank you to all my FOLLOWERS! 100! You guys mean the world to me thank you soo much! Next week i'll do a photoshoot! And i'll post new photos! Love u guys! You ROCK!

I love big leaves <3

Just breathe...

Tell my love to wreck it all, cut all the ropes and let me fall...

Be one with the nature.

I got that summer time summer time credit @just_iiamy


Red, white, blue's in the skies Summer's in the air And baby, heaven's in your eyes... photo credit to the awesome @just_iiamy ;)!

I find shelter in this way, undercover hideaway.

There's nothing more relaxing than walk in the sand felling the water in your feets and the soft wind in your face.