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Deepa  ✨healing. ✨nourish. ✨love. 🦄 #LoveDeepa

🕉✨...........✨LIGHT WARRIOR✨...........✨🕉 Reminder to all the Light Warriors, hold your light, cultivate it, honor it. We are ALL made of vibration, and form/light. How often do we make decisions that lower our vibration or lessen our light because we “should be doing something someone else tells us to? ” ❓❓❓
💠 Only you truly know what is right, as long as you are connected to ALL of your bodies. Did you know that we have multiple bodies❓ You know the physical and even mental bodies, but what about your light body❓✨ IF there is imbalance in any of your bodies it affects the others, they are all connected! There are many modalities for healing and nurturing your light body. Chanting, meditation help, my go to and favorite is Reiki, combined with crystals and sound. 🙏🏽 I often get asked about reiki- Reiki literally means “Universal Life Energy.” What are your favorite ways to nurture your light body? Now more than ever it is SO important! ✨🙏🏽🕉 Comment below and tag a friend that could use a crystal ⤵️ and I’ll pick one commenter and friend to receive a charged crystal from the Light Sanctuary 😊😘✨🙏🏽
Photo magic by my favorite Fish ever: @fishmakesphotos 💗#LoveDeepa #deepafishmagic #fishmakesphotos

✨...........🧠👁 MIND POWER👁🧠...........✨ More and more people are talking about the power of the mind, neurohacks and how we use our brains. Even Science is not “up to date” when it comes to the minds possibilities. We do know that our conscious mind controls almost everything we do, and that it takes up about 2 percent of brain function. So MOST of what you experience is only about 2 percent of your brain. 🧠CRAZY 🤪 am I right?!? 💠It is the darkness of our minds, that 98 percent we so rarely experience or remember our subconscious mind, our unconscious mind and especially the collective consciousness. 🌀
But what if we started practices that started lighting up these areas? What would be the result? I think many of us have begun this, some for many lifetimes. What practices do you incorporate to access more of your minds wisdom❓Want to know some of mine❓Comment below ⤵️
Photo Magic @descansogardens with of course the Magic man @fishmakesphotos 💓
#deepafishmagic #lovedeepa

🕉💙.............🦋💙The BLUES💙🦋.............💙🕉. So Spring has Sprung, it’s considered a time of renewal, for things to come back to life after a period of dormancy. I sometimes forget before things can grow, things need to detox and release. Even when I release my blues, I realize I have been cultivating the joy of this release. Truthfully at first I was fighting it, and I still have smooth days and rough days. But all release can be joyous at the root because it when you release that the space is made for all to come.... 🙏🏽
...💙💙💙💙😉💙💙💙💙.................... Lens magic captured by my bestie, @fishmakesphotos at a magical evening at @descansogardens 🙏🏽😊 #lovedeepa #fishmakesphotos #deepafishmagic

🦁..............🕉Monday Medicine🕉.............. 🦁. We woke up like dis💗🙏🏽✨ my friend asked me how I would feel when @lilysnou has to go home at the end of the month. My first reaction was I will miss her, but then something amazing happened, I let go of the thought and reminded myself that Love transcends space and time. No matter where she is, she has my love and I know I have hers. Our furry friends are such amazing teachers 🙏🏽✨ thank you Snooby for being you. 😊

💚💚.............✨💚heart wisdom💚✨.............💚💚 I yearned for Love, the feeling of being wanted and loved. For years I thought I was keeping my heart out front and center ready to be chosen to be the one for another. I stood quietly and patiently hoping and praying to be worthy of such a love. So still that one day I finally heard my heart whisper- “
YOU are the LOVE you have been waiting for. 🙏🏽💚” .

How do you feed your spirit? We learn to feed our bodies, even our minds, but who taught you to feed your spirit? ✨ Be grateful to those that have planted the seeds to nurture your spirit. My grandparents, my parents, my teachers, and so many others- gratitude and love always for feeding mine. 🙏🏽💛 how do you feed your spirit? 🙏🏽❓🕉 share below or don’t- its all love 💛

~~~.............✨RAZORS EDGE✨.............~~~
I have been thinking and talking about ⚖️ balance a lot recently. I remember during my teacher training talking about the razors edge and how being human is walking along that razor’s edge. When there is too much or too little we fall out of balance. Why is this important? ⚠️Because when our energetic bodies get out of balance (either too little or too much energy) ✨ we develop physical and mental symptoms! Sometimes it may be a release that is needed sometimes it is something that we go through to make us stronger💪🏽 to upgrade us to our next level. Regardless the reason the imbalance occurs- having potent tools to help you get back in balance are key. 🗝🔑How much attention do you give your energetic body⁉️
📸: by @fishmakesphotos edit: @commandercosmiclove_

~~~...........😘Selfish versus Self Love😘........... ~~~ Who Else feels like sometimes they care just a little too much about too many things?🧐🤯 It is important to care of course, (especially about things like our 🌎environment and what our legacy will be) but remembering that not EVERYTHING is our responsibility all the time and sometimes we need to just focus within. It’s finding a balance for everything.⚖️ ( I mean this balance thing keeps coming up- crazy right? ) 😝 This picture just had me cracking up so I thought I would share the laugh (especially for my givers and light workers). What do you do to help find your balance ?! ⚖️

Wooo. It has been a ride so far in 2018. 😝🤨Personally I have been going through some major health things both physical and mental, all intertwined with absolute miracles and blessings. ☯️ Our mindset plays a HUGE PART in how we feel. Surrounding myself with inspiration when I’m not feeling my highest self, and reminding myself to be gentle with my self as I would be with others. 🙏🏽✨ I hope this serves as a reminder to all those in the emotions of this energy. Much light and love IG family. We are only getting stronger. 👌🏽💪🏽

...........🌊FLow With IT🌊...........
So excited to be co habitating for the next month with my god puppy the magnificent @lilysnou ! Aside from being the most awesome being in a fur suit- she is a potent teacher. She totally flows with whatever is throw her way, and does it with sass 💁🏽‍♀️😎. Watch out Malibu, Snooby on the prowl! 😈🦄🤗
📷: @fishmakesphotos Thanks for capturing this candid moment with Snou!

...........🌕Force of Nature🌕...........
And so was she, when she realized the same forces that flowed through the cosmos were intertwined through every cell of her being. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
📷: @woodywoodrow 🙏🏽💓 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
So grateful to serve humanity in harmony with the elements. We all have cosmic energy within us, but many are disconnected from their true power. It is through mindfulness and cultivation we can access a deeper part of our true potential. DM your email and I’m happy to share some opportunities to dive deeper 🙏🏽✨

Everything in the world can be understood deeper when you are tapped into frequency, vibration and energy. What’s your frequency? 😘💕🙏🏽✨

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