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Deepa  ✨LIGHTworker ✨Priestess ✨Nourisher Shifting Energy and Awareness with Presence and Love.

🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROO🎉🎉 A very Happy Birthday to this legend, roomie, best friend, brother and King @woodywoodrow ! Grateful for our deep friendship and tribe vibes. Excited to make more memories and shared magic. So excited to cook you an epic birthday meal soon back in the bu. I LOVE you! Have the most awesome day and I hope you like your surprise 😘🙏🏽✨

Step into who you are, your magical divine self. Go within, know that all the treasures that lay inside are just waiting for you to dive deep within. And in case you doubt your magic, surround yourself with other spirits that remind you of who you truly are! Galactic Cosmic Light Warriors Unite 💜🕉✨ Photo by: @amirimage
Art by: @blucosmiceagle
#galactic #spaceempress #cosmiccommander #lightwarrior

Let the Divine flow through you.

Today is MahaShreevratri. The ultimate night of Shiva, the destroyer. We often shy away from that word, but what if we really see the energy for what it is? The ultimate alchemist, transmuting what is no longer working into energy for what is to come. Do not fear the darkness, feel it, learn from it, integrate it. Flow from your divinity that resides within. You are exactly where you need to be. Trust. 🙏🏽✨ Aum Nama Shivaya. 📷: @_denisera_

Because when you pause and take a moment, between the hard places and the rain- you will bloom. 🌺🦋 #lovedeepa

🔥Alchemize and Transmute. 🔥
Sometimes our circumstances feel heavy, heavier than they should, or heavier than you expect. We cannot control our circumstances, but certainly we can influence our mindset and how we treat ourselves through unfavorable circumstances. The ultimate internal alchemy happens when we allow ourselves to tap into the potent ability of discomfort to shift into a greater level of self. Cry, release, and then get to work. Need support, ask for it, need to proceed solo- get on it. You got this. You are strong, you are worthy and you are loved. Sending love out to all those shifting, doing the work and supporting others in their journey. We are one. AHO. 🙏🏽

This curious little girl, who just wanted to love, and be loved. Although so much life has happened since, my essence remains the same. I just want to love, to be loved and to make this world a better place. 🙏🏽✨

Gratitude for the moments of joy in life🙏🏽 and all of the magical, loving beings. Do the little things that make you smile, bonus if they make others smile too. And be free, express yourself, whether it’s movement, words, dance, music or throwing on a purple wig. Whatever it is, go for it! You have one life, choose to be YOU, because you are MAGIC. 🙏🏽🕉💜. Hangin with @my_friend_amigo 😘 📷: @throughmagic

Time to go within, in stillness like stone. Heart will be mended and more space will be grown. Pain is not easy, neither is it always shown. The change will come sweeping, once it is known. ~by LoveDeepa

For the man that inspires, IS pure magic, and enables so much genius in this realm, I post for the first time in 2019 to wish you a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABA! @amirimage 🙏🏽🕉✨💜 thank you for everything you do, for giving us the tools and forums to shine and share our gifts, for BEING a GIFT to this world. So excited you are exploring on your special day, sending you all the love and light. May this next revolution be even more epic than the last! I love you brother💗.

Winter is here, time to go within, to release, to recharge, ground down into the energy of Mother Earth. We often feel compelled to share, even when it doesn’t feel in alignment. Honor your need to be still, to go within. This is your journey, when you honor your needs, you will never be sorry. Much love to all of you, especially the empaths and light workers feeling the waves and holding it down. 🙏🏽🕉✨. Photo: @maxwelldarwin 💜


What do you say about someone that makes life better simply by existing? Someone that inspires you, encourages you, loves you and can make the most mundane seem the most magical- heck makes EVERYTHING more magical? Today is the legendary @blucosmiceagle ‘s birthday. From the moment I met you, I was enamored. I celebrate you everyday but today is your special day so extra love and good juju for you my SiSTAR. Thank you for your magic, your presence, your love, Snou, for being a safe place of expression. You are loved and cherished and I hope you feel it everyday you take a breathe and beyond. You are truly a gift to this planet. May all the goddess always shine their blessings upon you so you can continue to spread your magic. The world needs more Blu, heck, we all do! 😘 let’s make more magic, more memories and spread more love! 🕉✨🦄

Today take a moment to send some extra love to this divine being @fishmakesphotos aka Fish, Lou Fish, Louis and many more. The name may change but he is ALWAYS chocked full of magic and goodness. I definitely did something right in this life because I get to call him once of my best friends and brothers. Fish- you inspire me with every breath you take and I am so very grateful to be a part of each other’s journeys. This last year has been full of so much growth may you reap the bounty of the seeds you have planted. May this next revolution be filled with even more love, more growth and most definitely more adventure. I love you to the moon and beyond 💜🙏🏽💛✨💫

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