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Four months of you baby boy! ✨
We’re heading home today, these two have done so well travelling over, being out of their routine and being carted around everywhere. It’s been so much fun for them though, to be around their family and meeting everyone has meant so much! We have plenty of beautiful memories to cherish forever. 👋🏻 Sydney! #thethreeamigos #mybabies #family

Enjoying the sunshine with my sonshine

Deda, I still can’t believe you’re gone.
Our hearts are broken but filled with so much love for the man that made our family. A quiet, gentle man who lived for his family. No words can ever do justice for my love for you. If it wasn’t for you and our beautiful Baba, we wouldn’t be here and neither would these beautiful great grandchildren of yours. Tomorrow we farewell you but it’s never truly goodbye. 🌹

How I woke up to these two this morning!
I think I’m going to pass out over how damn beautiful this sibling love truly is✨
Look at how she’s facing him and they’re both so peaceful
#mybabies #goodmorning #candidslumber #sleepingbaby

Is there anything better than a warm bath after a long, exhausting day ✨
We made it 👏🏻 hello Sydney 👋🏻
The kids were amazing on the flight, they both basically slept the whole time and when they were awake, Alina was so well behaved and Neiko was such a happy boy smiling for everyone! Even the man sitting next to us commented on how well behaved Alina was. I was on such a high after such an amazing experience and excited to be here and settle in. That all came crashing down when I discovered the airline left my bags in Perth with ALL of the kids things in it 😭 so, it boarded the next flight and is being dropped to me shortly! Seriously, what a F around! I feel like a nervous wreck until I see this bag and can hold it tight hahaha! What’s something that’s happened to you whilst travelling?

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This girl of mine, I’m so lucky ✨💓
She often tells me how beautiful I am, how much she loves her family and her heart! I’m definitely doing something right. Isn’t it amazing how much children absorb of what is spoken to them! #beautifulgirl .
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These two little angels get me through the toughest of times ✨
Life’s been up in the air the past couple of weeks and yesterday’s news about my darling Deda has just completely broken my heart. It’s so hard seeing those you love in pain, I wish I could wave a magic wand for my family right now and take some of it away. It’s going to be a very challenging couple of weeks to get through, especially travelling alone with the kids for the first time, overcoming my fear of flying with them (literally have never been scared to fly until I had kids, I have horrible thoughts about it). Then there’s seeing my family and my beautiful Baba that I know will be so happy to see us, so in just focusing on that! Thank you so much for all of your beautiful messages and helpful tips re travelling with Alina and Neiko, I’ll share them via stories in the next few days! I’ll be quiet on here because I have so much to do in the lead up. Sending my love to all who have reached out, you have no idea how much comfort it brings to know I’m never alone in these feelings. Xx #mybabies

I love our dining space, I've had a lot of questions on the details, the 5 piece setting is the 'Monaco' with the Limited Edition Etienne chairs! The lamp is also from @fantasticfurniture and it's called the 'Arc'.
#fantasticfurniture #ad

Ok Mummas, let’s discuss the ‘mumma needs a wine’ mentality... It seems to be a growing trend on social media, all the ‘Mama needs a wine’ memes and innuendo. I get why people drink, and many don’t have an issue. I used alcohol of a way of coping with stress throughout my late teens and early twenties. This habit slowly developed into a shocking alcohol abuse problem that left me facing a life of alcoholism had I not stopped. At 29 years old, I can proudly say that I’ve been 5 years sober now. I used every excuse in the book to use alcohol to unwind and relax at the peak of my addiction, I was blackout drunk everyday day. This is what is becoming worrying, we see so much post natal depression and anxiety. What about the women who are battling alcohol abuse because it’s become a way to deal with the stresses of parenthood. The memes and the images and captions supporting the wine o’clock mentality the second the kids go to sleep. They make it appear accepted amongst our community. Now, there is nothing wrong with enjoying a drink! It does become a concern when you’re becoming dependent on it as a way of dealing with stress or any underlying emotional issues for that matter. It’s not just joked about on social media, it’s in movies, on TV and magazines. Having a glass of wine to wind down is fine, but how much becomes too much is my question! This brings me to the ‘there’s another way’ message. If you find you’re reaching for that bottle to cope, I ask you to have a think about what you’re feeling, why are you turning to alcohol and how often?
If you’re often drinking enough to notice that you’re drinking often, that’s a start!
In times of stress and anxiety, we resort to our familiar coping strategies to get through. Whether it be reaching for a drink, emotional eating or drug use. There is no shame in admitting you have a problem, in fact it’s courageous! There are some incredible networks of support, I have linked one in my bio! Also, check out @silver_stork Instagram page to show your support and purchase one of the Tee’s like the one I’m wearing, this tee is here to help break the habit and remind you that #theresanotherway (continued in comments).

My beautiful babies, thank you for choosing me to be your mummy.
Alina, my first born, you made me a mumma! You moulded me, you taught and still teach me all I ever needed to know about this incredible journey and more than anything you made me realise my purpose, I love you so much my sweet, darling girl! My angel baby 👼 thank you for reminding me of the miracle that being a mother truly is. My sweet Neiko boy, my 🌈, the other love of my life, I’m so grateful to be your mummy and I love you more than I’ll ever be able to express. Motherhood is the greatest gift ✨
Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. To the mummy’s who can’t hold their babies today or the babies who can’t hold their mummy’s, you’re in my thoughts and I’m sending you so much love today especially. (Alina right, Neiko left).
#happymothersday #motherhood

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