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Angel Swanson  Event designer on the California coast. Named a Top Planner by Martha Stewart Weddings. Wife + Mama. Essential oil obsessed. Daughter of the King.

Attending the fair is a personal "summer must do" and it always ends up being one of my favorite nights of the year. 🎑 The weather was perfect at the @californiamidstatefair, where we enjoyed the prize-winning exhibits and livestock. As usual, the carnival was a hit and we had a blast running through fun houses and getting in the giant ferris wheel. ✨ Grateful for a sweet summer evening to make memories together as a family. // #midstatefair #midstatefair2017 #aceandjig #aceandjigcommunity #aceandjigfriends PS this beautiful πŸ¦„ confetti jumpsuit belongs to @veracenjig, but is visiting me in CA for a bit. 😍

It has been such a busy summer but I already know I'll look back on 2017 as such a landmark year. So much growth, so much gratitude. I have sensed priorities shifting, desires maturing, and perspectives broadening. ✨ Feeling truly content and brimming with joy today. My rainbow tufted dress doesn't hurt, either. πŸ€— // #gratitude #whatmattersmost #aceandjig #aceandjigfriends #aceandjigcommunity #aceandjigcarnival

What a sweet, inspiring, soul-stirring day spent at #reaandgretasliteraturesoiree put on by @reaberg @beautifulfeetbooks @maandpamodern πŸ“šβœ¨ It was a gathering of homeschooling mamas discussing things like the importance of story in history, spending quality time in nature (I think we've got this one down!), integrating poetry into your curriculum and building character through exposure to good literature. I loved spending the day with friends @juliebethmartin @onelifeforhisglory @scoutcoffee and meeting new ones @intentionalmotherhood @grace_berg_3 πŸ’• I came away encouraged and excited to continue creatively and intentionally stewarding the education of my little ones. And obviously my new reading list (for me and the kids) is a mile long! 😜 Thank you, Rea and Greta, for sharing your passion and experience with all of us. I'm certain this lovely event will bear marvelous fruit in all of our homes and communities. // #tellstories #beautifulfeetbooks #homeschoolmamas #raisingreaders

From earlier this week: on a walk with my little explorers. 🌿 This was the only photo I got of them together and I just love it. When life feels busy and hectic and bursting at the seams with "too much," an hour outside with these two refreshes and grounds me. Endlessly thankful for my two long-awaited children. πŸ˜­πŸ’• // #myheart #motherhood #simplejoys #littlemomentsthatfeelbig

Last fall I was just dipping my toes into the world of #essentialoils. 🌿 Little by little, they've become inportant additions to my daily routines for wellness, cleaning, beauty, fitness and more! I use oils all day, everyday, for a LOT more than making my house smell good. 🀣 If you've wanted to learn more but aren't sure where to start, or are curious to see how I use oils in everyday life, I'm hosting an Intro to Essential Oils *online* class next Wednesday, 7/26 at 8p PT. Join me in your PJs and hear my oil story, learn about how I got started with oils and see the hundreds of ways I use them! It's a private event so just DM for an invite. There will be giveaways (like these ridiculously cute enamel pins from @lavaessentials and gemstone roller bottles from @whimsyandwellness) and lots of fun. ✨ If you can't attend class live, you'll have 48 hours to watch later but you still need to RSVP. 😘 DM me so I can add you and I'll see you soon!! xox

Today Olive and I attended her friend Brooklyn's 5th birthday party! 🌼 They had water balloons, a bounce house and a piñata -- what more could you want?? Thanks for having us, @ash627! It was a sweet summer afternoon and I loved spending some quality time with my girl. ✨ Off to grab some groceries and make a simple dinner. Hope your Sunday has been slow and rejuvenating! // *wearing my favorite new dress from @christydawn @midland_shop #christydawnxmidland

Happy Friday, loves! It has been a very full and wonderful summer week (punctuated by a picnic, BBQ and a double feature at the drive-in) and I'm ready for the weekend! πŸ’— In the spirit of #fridayintroductions, I thought I'd reintroduce myself for anyone new around here. πŸ‘‹πŸΌ I've been married nearly 12 years (!!!) to my college sweetheart, am a mama to two (ages 5 and 2.5), and have been planning & designing weddings since 2005 (#loveandsplendorweddings). I'm also an essential oil enthusiast and am passionate about sharing EOs with others. 🌿 I love to travel, cook, play German board games and be outside. I come alive in nature. I'm always in patterned socks (I don't even own a plain pair of black or white socks!) and dresses + onesies 🀣 (current fav seen here). My favorite way to get to know a friend is one on one over an amazing meal or a good cup of coffee. β˜•οΈ Most importantly, my life was turned upside down by Christ and "He is my light, my strength, my song." ✨ Now it's your turn!! Tell me something about yourself in the comments below. πŸ‘‹πŸΌ Thanks for being here!! xo // #angelsfridayintros #aceweek #aceandjig #aceandjigfriends #aceandjigcommunity #aceandjigmajor #aceandjigallovers

Sunset snaps from a BBQ last night. πŸ’• I recently told Noah's adoption story to a friend and I told her that sometimes I forget I didn't carry him in my own womb. We've shared such a deep and tender bond from birth, and it feels like he has always been with me. I can't imagine life without my son. πŸ’— If anyone is considering adoption or has questions about it, feel free to reach out to me. I can't tell you how much the entire experience changed my life and transformed my heart. ✨ Noah -- your beautiful birthmother chose me to be your mama. I take that unspeakable gift and stewardship to heart every time I look at your sparkling blue eyes. I will love and cherish you with all of my heart, for the rest of my life. You were a long awaited gift and I will never be finished thanking God for bringing us together. // #myheart #motherhood #knittogetherbyadoption #adoptionstory

This photo may look serene but I had just finished chasing my barefoot two year old along these cliff-lining paths. 😬 We are definitely still working on him coming to me immediately when called. 😝 He is a bit of a wild ball of energy these days but when he's still, he's oh-so-sweet. This morning he came into my room, dragging his blankie, and said, "Good morning! Snuggle with mama??" 😭 Two more things: 1) I'm wearing my top inside out because YOLO 😜 and 2) can you believe this is my everyday view?! // #centralcoast #shellbeach #motherhood #aceweek #aceandjigfriends #aceandjig #aceandjigcommunity

One of my strengths is seeing beauty all around me. 🌿 I didn't truly recognize the importance of this practice until I had children. I hope to continually develop their sense of wonder, their amazement at creation and love of the creator, while nurturing my own. My eyes pick out beauty in everything from a hand woven textile (@aceandjig seen here, natch), to someone's eyes when they smile, to a patch of flowering grass at the park (also seen here). I'm just drawn to it. The more I notice, the more I marvel and the more I marvel, the more I am grateful. πŸ’— So when there's a majestic sunset, we pull over. When there's a delicate butterfly in the garden, we whisper and excitedly observe her from the window. And when I see my children point out their own beautiful discoveries, I know they're fostering that precious gift: eyes to see and recognize that magic is all around. ✨ // #senseofwonder #aceandjig #aceweek #aceandjigcommunity #aceandjigfriends #aceandjigdenimmosaic

Sometimes a closet clean out becomes dress up party. 😜 I mean really, how does one sort anything without trying it on first?? πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Enjoying a simple Monday afternoon at home, doing all the post-weekend laundry and tidying and feeling so content at this time and place in my life. God is stirring up so many beautiful things in my heart right now; I feel like I'm on the cusp of a sea change. πŸ’• I'm wearing a fav @aceandjig dress here; I first found Ace in late 2015 when @hellobeedotcom gifted me a mango dress for Olive (her daughter has the same name!). It was love at first textile. ✨ Also, #matchingisoverrated // #clashingqueen #gimmeallthepatterns #aceandjig #aceweek #aceandjigcommunity #aceandjigfriends

Scrumptious meal tonight at @thespoontrade πŸ₯„ I'm a little embarrassed it took me so long to pop in! πŸ™ˆ We enjoyed so many beautiful dishes, including a shaved root vegetable salad, a kale and cauliflower salad, humboldt fog goat cheese with carrot cake and local honeycomb, grilled yellowtail, Spanish octopus with salsa verde, and a za'atar crusted pork chop! For dessert, the brown sugar pot de crΓ¨me is not to be missed. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ I love discovering new local spots and this restaurant was certainly a gem. Thank you for a wonderful evening; we will be back soon! ✨ // #thespoontrade #centralcoast #summertasteslike

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