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We’re off on a marvelous adventure! 🌞 As part of our trip, we gave Olive an old digital camera and told her she could capture the journey from her perspective. I’ve loved watching her carefully set up and take her photos; she has captured some awesome shots! I can’t wait to make a photo book with all of them once we get home. ✨ Will share more about our trip soon, but for now I’m soaking up every special moment with my crew. Everything is better when experienced with my family. 💗 // #brycecanyonnationalpark #brycecanyon #exploringwithkids #inspirationpoint #raisingadventurers #wildandfreechildren #littlemomentsthatfeelbig #nationalparks

Eli is sleeping in this photo and I can’t handle his perfect little pout. 😭😍 I feel like this will be a favorite pic of us for many years to come: a lazy, summer day; not minding the warm weight of his body against me despite the 109 degree temps; watching him sleep and desperately trying to memorize his smallness. 💗 // #summerdays #poolday #motherhood #momstaysinthepicture #poolnaps #mamasboy #motherson

Sometimes I stare at him and wonder what he’s thinking about. 😍✨ As Eli grows before my eyes, I’m doing my best to collect and savor lots of everyday, quiet moments like these. Many have asked if he’s our last baby and the answer is who knows?? (God does, haha.) I learned in my infertility/miscarriage/adoption journey that my plans are subject to change. 😂 A man at the grocery store recently asked me, “Did you really want to have three?” I was taken aback by his boldness but told him yes, after struggling so long to get pregnant I was thankful for every baby God had given me. He chuckled and said, “Doesn’t look like you have any trouble getting pregnant.” 😱 I smiled and gathered my bags and kiddos and headed out. I didn’t have the time (or desire) to tell him about the years of infertility, the treatments, the doctors, the medications, the miscarriages, the tears. I didn’t need to explain to him that my second baby was formed in another woman’s body. I wasn’t offended so much as I was reminded that on the outside, people see me as a woman with a house full of kids. They can’t possibly know the struggle and pain that accompanied my road to motherhood. I was reminded that we never know what someone is dealing with behind their eyes, behind these little squares. May empathy and compassion pour out of me as I interact with others. 💗 For now, I’m truly enjoying every minute with my Elijah. The blessing of his life will never be lost on me. // #thirdbaby #rainbowbaby #pregnancyafterloss #pregnancyafterinfertility #babyboy #cambiemio #empathy #roadtomotherhood #honestmotherhood #infertility

Are you a sunrise or a sunset person? 🌅🌄 I do love the quiet magic of a sunrise, though I’m rarely up to see them. 😂 But a sunset? I’ve collected many of those. I savor the memory of many special sunsets... in cities I’ve visited, shared with people I love, and at the end of pivotal days in my life. It’s like the world goes still while the heavens put on a majestic, dramatic display of color. Everyone slows down to see God’s passionate creativity splashed across the sky. When I watch a sunset, really stop to watch it, I’m often moved to tears. I know the One who paints the clouds in shades of gold and pink, and He calls me His. I feel joy, peace and gratitude. And I can know, regardless of how the day went, that He is with me and He is sovereign. ✨ This was the sunset view from my front door last night. Glory. // #sunsetmoment #godshandiwork #summersunset #frontdoorview #gratitude #myheart

Classic childhood pic, right?! I can’t wait to print this one. 💗 @onelifeforhisglory basically made my kids’ summer dreams come true yesterday. 😂 A bucket and garden hose = hours of fun. They came home spent with sunshine and laughter and moments like these. So thankful for a friend like Ang who loves my kids and so graciously steps in to help me when life gets extra busy. xo // #summertime #sunshineday #gardenhosefun #letthembelittle #childhoodmoments #simplejoys

A special baby blanket is one of the few items I consider a newborn “essential.” It’s a playmat, a cozy snuggle companion, a source of comfort and familiarity. I loooove this one I just received for Elijah from @cambiedesign. It’s beautifully woven with baby alpaca wool and Pima cotton, making it lightweight with a luxurious feel. It’s also quite large (51”x67”) and is a perfect heirloom that will grow with baby. Mine is in the “mar” colorway: a dreamy ocean inspired grey-blue. If you’re looking for a treasured gift or a timeless keepsake, I highly recommend this gorgeous blanket!! // #cambiemio #cambiedesign #babyblanket #peruviantextiles

Raise you hand if you’re #15weeksold ✋🏼👶🏻 Time is flying with this lil guy! He’s slept 9 hours straight two nights in a row so we are all hoping it sticks. 🙌🏼 Elijah is truly a happy, smiling, contented dude most of the day. He loves tummy time (a complete 180 from two weeks ago), being wrapped up in my @sollybabywrap and laughing with his siblings. Can’t imagine life without him. 💗 // #fifteenweeks #fifteenweeksold #motherhood #babyboy #rainbowbaby #pregnancyafterinfertility #pregnancyafterloss

A lovely afternoon at @saucelito_canyon_vineyard showering our dear @danybayl 💗 I met Danyelle at the park years ago, when we noticed our kids were about the same age. She had just moved here from Canada and I was still new-ish to the area. We bonded quickly and she has been a precious friend ever since. So excited to meet Bayly boy number 3! // We dined at low tables built by Dany’s talented husband @baylyart and feasted on cheese, charcuterie, watermelon mint salad, quiche, my fav quinoa and cheesecake: yum! @clobenson we made a great team! 😘 // #babyshower #saucelitocanyon #centralcoast

A photo from two nights ago, when it looked like God had set the sky on fire. 😍 When I glimpsed this majesty, I frantically called out for my family to come marvel with me. We just sat for a few minutes, in awe of the Creator’s heavenly display. I honestly had never seen anything like it before. I couldn’t help but stop and delight in wonder. 😱😍 I’m in the middle of an extremely busy season, with long days, late nights and to-do lists unending. So this — this precious moment of pause — felt like a gift from a kind Father. ✨ Sharing it with my family made it even sweeter. // #heavenlygifts #wonderfulmaker #californiasunset #centralcoast #senseofwonder #cottoncandyskies #skyonfire

Girl dates with my Olive forever and ever! 💘 We wore matching outfits (down to our @heylittlelittle strawberry pins!), watched the local theatre performance of Charlotte’s Web and shared ice cream and laughs. Time spent one-on-one with her fills my cup to the brim. I know it means so much to her, too. I asked her tonight if she was experiencing any difficulty adapting to Eli’s arrival. “Mama has been so busy with Eli lately, huh? Is it ever hard for you?” She didn’t miss a beat and replied, “No way! You always have time for me, right Mama? I love our girl dates!” 😭 We make this a priority for our family for a reason. So thankful for nights like these. // #mamasgirl #motherdaughter #twinning #twinsiesforever #mamadaughter #honestmotherhood #momstaysinthepicture #intentionalmotherhood

Yesterday was Elijah’s 백일 (baek-il), or 100 day celebration! 🇰🇷 Back when many babes did not live to see their first birthdays, 100 days was considered a milestone for a thriving baby. It was also an opportunity for Korean parents to officially debut their child to friends and family. I had to put Eli into his hanbok (which he will wear on his first birthday) early, just for fun. Swipe for the progression of expressions! 😂 I think the stiff layers of fabric made him feel trapped! Do you guys celebrate any cultural traditions with your kiddos? I love sharing my Korean heritage with my babes! Even Noah (who isn’t Korean at all!) wore a dol-bok on his first birthday! 😍 // #koreantraditions #hanbok #백일 #baekil #100daysold #100days #babyboy #mamasboy #hapababy #quarterkorean

This day last year, I was pregnant and didn’t know it yet. 😂 Today we are a grateful party of five. ❤️ Happy #fourthofjuly! // #myheart #4thofjuly #summertimefun

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