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Tomorrow is my 34th birthday. 🎉 I was looking in the mirror at the lines on my face and a lot of the time I want to wash them away...😩 but other times I look at them and smile even bigger because they show all the years I’ve been on this earth and are my time stamps of where I’ve been and what I’ve seen. 🌞
I can’t believe I have two beautiful kids and a loving husband by side. I am so grateful for this birthday. For this life and for all the imperfections etched upon my face. 🌿#smilelinesnotwrinkles
Make up + hair by @smash_beauty_bar

On stories today I talked about mindful media use and how important it is to take the time to scroll and pause to notice what feelings come up for you.

If you feel pleasant feelings, keep scrolling. If not, figure out what it was you saw that made you feel inferior, less than, or down. Then unfollow, send that account gratitude and keep on trucking. We could all use a media cleanse now and again. And if my account does that for you, it’s okay to release it from your follow list. #consumemindfully ☃️

Eek! Flashback to baby Lennon in my belly! I went LIVE showing you guys how I curl my hair. It was so fun hanging out like that. 👋
I really value each and every one of you. Let me know if you watched it and if there is anything else you’d like to know!

I never thought in my wildest dreams that a little spirited brown-haired girl who dresses up her brother’s stuffed animals in doll clothes and a baby in a bear suit with the most mischievous smile would complete me in the way that they do! #myheartishappy

What was your first memory as a child? I often wonder what Winter will remember about these days? I hope it's the dance parties on the table, the picnics on the floor, the moments in between where all we do is hold each other and breathe...
It's any parents wish to create a happy home with happy memories and I hope I am doing okay. One thing for sure, I love knowing the products inside our home and @rawsugarliving is one that I do trust. They not only have an inspiring mission (for every product you buy, they donate a bar of soap to a family in need), but they are free of sulfates and parabens! No bad stuff here! # ad #rawlovin

GIVEAWAY (closed) congratulations @jessie_rae_86 🌹
A beautiful multiple name necklace from @jaysandjewels!
This necklace was sent to me by the founder, Vanessa, when Lennon was born and I have worn it every single day since. It’s delicate, well-made and so versatile!
To enter:
✨Like this photo
✨Follow @jaysandjewels + me
✨Tag a few friends
✨ (bonus)Tell me your joy of the day!
That’s it! Winner will be picked Wednesday

I’ve been learning about the importance of REST these past few months and I wanted to make sure I passed along my knowledge to you.
We took a nap fell asleep on my chest and before I drifted off too, I thanked my lucky stars for you...
REST- Brene’ Brown states something like in today’s society, it really does take courage to rest where exhaustion is seen as a one of the highest status symbols.
And I have found that I have been victim to the feeling of guilt when I’m resting. There is this lingering inner voice that says I SHOULD be doing something. To get up. To do more.
But the truth is, little one, that inner voice is wrong. Our intuition won’t misguide us and when your body says rest and your mind says go, follow your body. Take care of it and drop the guilt.
I can’t wait to nap with you again tomorrow little one. Let’s keep resting together.

To Luna and back,
Your Mama
Winter’s doll by @kukla.moo

If you had one super power what would it be and why? 🤷🏻‍♀️ I would love to be invisible. 🌈
I would go visit everyone I love and wrap my arms them. They wouldn’t see me, but they could feel me and they would never have to be alone. My warmth, my energy, my entire being would be there with them.
This photo was edited with Love & LaRock Classic. Our custom presets will be available around Valentine’s Day! Swipe to see original. ✨🙌🏻

Lennon is helping me get ready for a dinner party (trust me, I am not the one who is cooking...I told my friends to expect take out 😂). _____________________
I am really trying to learn the art of juggling this work from home thing with two kids so I CAN do fun social things like this party.
If you are a work from home mama or anyone really wanting some tips on time management, I wrote 5 Tips on Being Productive on the blog while showing you an up-close look at these goodies from @greenboxartculture as they make perfect gifts for those you love! #Greenboxart #ad

Truth- I’m feeling a bit lost lately.
I really don’t know where I fit in this space and what to focus my energy on. I think I am in the depths of a real transition and oh boy is it deep. I have yet to hit the bottom but when I do, I know I’ll spring back up to the surface as fast as I can taking my first breath as a new woman. I had NO idea that I would feel such a shift going from one kid to two. I. Am. Overwhelmed. But. Ultimately. All. Is. Well. And. I’m. Okay. #lotsofdeepbreaths

Happy New Year, sweet friends! ✨2019 has already brought magic. A snow storm; new tricks (Lennon rolled over from belly to back yesterday); new opportunities to pause, put down the to-do list, connect, and set new intentions.
This year it’s our intention to live in a house that serves us, not the other way around. We want to downsize-To have stuff that adds value and doesn’t require a lot of management—to be outside more, indoors less and most of all, be mindful of how we are connecting as a family.
I feel honored and extremely blessed to see 2019. Let’s make it count! (Scroll right to see last year’s photo).

I know it’s so late to post but before the clock strikes midnight I wanted to time stamp just how magical this time of year was for us. ✨
I am really at a loss for words...I think anyone who can relate who has experienced depression, trauma, heart break and beyond...there are just some days where you can’t see past the next minute.
But here I am. I have two beautiful children, I don’t count down from 100 anymore to get out of bed, I love my postpartum body, I’m not scared of my dark thoughts and most of all, I feel whole.
Thank you 2018 for making me a mommy again, showing me how strong I am and for giving me hope that my future is certain to shine. All my love to each of you! Thank you for always being so kind.

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