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Sarah Joy  ➰thirty+ bright years in the golden state // wife to my better half, mama to four & above all, a child of the King. ✨

Gummy smile for the weekend! 📷 ✨

I woke Rue up from her nap on the couch so she wouldn’t stay up late tonight & then shortly after, they said there wasn’t room for her to play. Bad decisions were made.

Summer vacation has been a trip for sure. The kids aren’t signed up for any camps or anything (except for a vbs later this summer) so it’s a lot of quality time together & filling our days with whatever we feel like. It has never been so easy to fall asleep at night or harder to wake up in the morning. Fr though, the girls will climb in our bed & hold my eyelids up. //all good days 👀

You will not believe how many people back in the day — strangers or people we know — that had thrown disappointment or pity when they saw that we had three girls. When I was pregnant with Ruby (our third girl), a distant family friend said “Another girl?! Aww I’m sorry. Maybe the next one will be a boy!” Guys, I had never expressed to her or anyone that we were trying for a boy or that we were disappointed in any way. I told her we were thrilled & were excited to be raising three sisters. // Okay, so I fully believe that God puts specific desires in our hearts and to someone it is a son or a daughter or a child or three children or whatever it is & those dreams are beautiful & so so precious. I guess I just don’t think those things are safe assumptions to be painted broadly on everyone everywhere? That it’s usually a desire spoken among friends with love and understanding between them & shouldn’t be one thrown out to a pregnant woman (or mother trying to get it together) in pity? Heyyooo, it’s something we literally have zero control over. We are beyond blessed to have Jonas in our family & I am so stoked that I get to raise this little boy but people have approached me talking about Jonas as the prize and our girls as the stepping stones. Nopeeee. This wasn’t like winning the gender lottery - we won the lottery four times, ya feel? I’ve got to figure out some better clever comebacks and yeah yeah, I know that people usually don’t mean anything by their comments, but maybe I’ll save the good comebacks for the extra rudies? // Alsoooo, on a side note: why so much pressure for a specific experience? I get that there are the usual expectations of how boys can be and how girls can be but some girls and some boys will love + follow + be “what isn’t often expected” so who knows? Is anything ever guaranteed? I know a boy taking ballet & I’ve watched girls play ice hockey. Some girls will be closer to their dads and some boys to their moms and vice versa. Some girls will want to throw the ball around and some boys will want to watch a good Pixar movie & cry. I mean, wassup guys it’s 2018.

You can know what you have & savor all the moments & still feel, not enough not enough. Some things are just that good.

LIFE, LIBERTY & THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS // I love you America & we are so thankful for you but also, please get it together. I know you still got it in you. 🇺🇸🧡

A shared floating loft bed for three sisters. // the “girl” was how we announced what we were having - swipe to see 2010 Sarah & Chris stepping out of the ultrasound 🧡

Hey derr eight months.✨

Jonas SplishSplashypants.

I guess if the kids were to describe my dad honestly, they would say that he jokes + teases, brings food over, squeezes hard & takes them on weekly dinner dates. He isn’t into words of sentimentality but he will give so much of his time and effort (& gifts) in the most humble quiet ways. // Happy Fathers Day Dad! We are so thankful for you & we love you forever ever!

King & Keeper of our adventures. He is involved, intentional, present; a force of love + good energy. Happy Fathers Day to our renaissance man, our beautiful example of what it means to be a student of life. We love you forever ever.

Yelling because she was the center of attention for too long & then wanted her sisters to blow out her candles. (swipe to see) Maybe she’ll brave it out tonight? 🎂💨 // Happy 4th birthday to the chillest, best new big sister around. You bring loads of joy + goodness into our lives every single day, we are just the luckiest. We love you so much Ruby Darling! 🧡🎉🎉🎉🎉

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