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FANPAGE  2.5k💘 Started 1/4/18❣️ Emma❤️x2 💬x0 Elizabeth❤️x4 💬x1 Emmaandellie follows❤️x3 💬x0

sooo like everyone I’m going to start high school tomorrow and i’m getting a new phone so i’m not going to be very active this next week💗thank ya for all of your support😭❤️
@emmamarie @emmaandellie_ #emmamarie #emmaandellie

THANKFUL FOR ALL 2,000 followers❤️ ———————————————
and most importantly thank you to my queens emma & ellie😭💗🤧 #emmaandellie #emmamarie #elliana

Emma followed me on her hate page😂😂 i’m so honored💗
#emmamarie #emmaandellie #ellieana #emmamariesworld

throwback of emma w stitchy💙😻
her user is @emmamarie #emmaandellie #emmamarie #elliana

inactive bc I’m on vacation😤😻
#emmaandellie #emmamarie #elliana @emmamarie @emmaandellie_ @enmaspam @ellieana_ @elizabeth__cisneros @emmaandelliesdad

happy birthday bby❣️ i love you so much and you’re growing up to be so muture❤️
i had an edit and everything planned but it’s not working out the way i wanted to:( i will post it in the future if it decides to work💛 #elliana #emmaandellie #emmamarie

Her user is @emmamarie
#emmamarie #emmaandellie #emmamariesworld

HOW ARE YOU SO PRETTY?!?😭😻❤️ @emmamarie

Nothing you do will ever make me stop loving you!! Ily bb💘

a sister’s bond can bend, but it will never break⚡️🥀 (peep the tags❣️😊)

I know everyone has posted these but how can you not oh my gosh HEATHER !! (@emmaandellie_ ) you have the most beautiful two girls in the entire world. You should be very proud of these two girls and how they have touched many hearts including mine! They are so talented and absolutely stunning, they deserve the world💘

O M G NOOOOOOOOO IM CRYINGGGG 💔💔💔💔💔 THEY BROKE UP AND HAVE BEEN BROKEN UP FOR 6 MONTHHSSS😭😭😭😭😭i wish the best for both of them and hopefully the random recover💓remember this is just as hard for them💘

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