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Rach  Plant based, whole foods. Reformed fast food junkie. Stay lean. Detox organics 🍫🌱 Use code Rachael15 for 15% off your order⬇️


Dill kraut is so savage. Oh man. Who else is all about it!? And has anyone tried dill flavored? I tried another brand called @farmhouseculture and I’m totally obsessed πŸ’™πŸ’™

Throw back to last weeks meal prep with @linds_healthylife and it was so good. #mealprep It's only two meals but when you like what you eat, you can eat it over and over again. I can't wait to post this on the blog so you can try these preps. I think in total it only took an hours to get almost a full weeks worth of lunches and dinner. Plus you can max and match the two so it's not the same meal over and over if that bothers you. Who's meal prepping this weekend?

Breakfast for dinner is always a favorite. Followed by some sleepy time tea and @primalpastures honey. This was so amazing. And! I finally used my @traderjoes "everything but the bagel" seasoning. I'll have to share and post on that separately because it's so good. Who else loves breakfast for dinner!?

What is your favorite type of food? Mine? Indian cuisine is mind blowing to me. So delicious. So perfect. This is my fav vegetarian πŸ“Œdish - paneer tikka masala πŸ›so so delicious. Who's tried this?

So do it for you. Because you are worth it. Often we makes changes only when someone else shows us they don't like how we are. And then the motivation is only negative to show someone else you could do it. While all along you might have wanted to make changes but didn't see your own value enough to change. So value yourself, and start acting like it through your actions, how you treat and talk to yourself and just how you make changes in your life for a better life for you. Don't wait to see your own self worth. You're worthy right now. #doitforyou

Prepped this bad boy with @linds_healthylife and man was it good. Has a kick. Perfect for meal prepping. Ingredients: quinoa, water, @traderjoes @traderjoeslist cowboy caviar salsa, diced tomatoes and shredded cheese. So good. About to make another batch for me. πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸŒΆ

*burrito burrito* <-- I can't stop saying that to the despacito song 😝 rice beans and pulled pork. So delicious and a salad and fresh salsa on the side. 🌢🌱 I will be having a green smoothie tonight as well. Plus I think if you get in the list for Cafe Rio you get sweet discounts - like the buy one get one we used - check it out 😍

Learning to relax a little. Relaxing is hard for me. Add in 30 days till a wedding and it's a recipe for me to make a new spread sheet to analyze everyday and figure out where things could go wrong. But ❀️ I keep putting things into a longer picture and I try to pick out the good. Like I get to marry my best friend. And no one will notice if I mess up the bouquet colors. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸŽ‰I'm just going to be blessed to be around friends and family. β˜‘οΈ use your days off for self care, unwinding and some perspective. I still got groceries, cleaning and errands done, but I also too time to see friends, enjoy my babe, appreciate my giant dog, talk to people I miss and delve into my cheaper hobbies. I hope you find some time to relax and let joy in even in the midst of what seems like endless stress. I'm not perfect at it. But I'm practicing and I hope you do too.

Enjoying some childhood polish favorites. Cook the foods of your grandparents and always feel home ❀️ I'll put up this simple but amazing meal. Some dill pickle sour kraut was just what this needed. - plus it's good for the gut! Everyday I try to find one guy healing food to focus on getting in and it helps! πŸ“Œ www.loveleanlife.com for the recipe soon - until then you can try the other great lean recipes that are already up!

I might be in a romantic relationship with this chia bowl. I feel feelings when I see this pretty baby. Check out the story on the many fun creations I got to work on with @enjoyfreshbox today. And I'll be putting some chia pudding ideas on the blog. 😍 www.loveleanlife.com πŸ“Œ what's your favorite chia bowl?

This was southwest hash - sweet potato 🍠 and bell peppers 🌢, onion, ground grassfed beef and some seasoning. Perfection. Paired this with a Caesar salad and it was so good. Recipe is on blog now!
Www.loveleanlife.com 😍

Treat days: yes please ❀️ @houstons_scottsdale

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