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  so let the good times roll ⛅️ i dance and i eat and i sleep!!1!1!!!!1!! || west styles district

happy birthday darling, i love you 💓 @krystalanneheng

finally took the courage to attend my first ever Summer Jam Dance Camp class and i'm glad i did! messed up A LOT but it's cool because i've learnt A LOT!! extremely happy that i picked @keonemadrid 's class because i've always looked up to him🙏🏽 #blessed thank you so much sharing your knowledge to Singapore and i hope you've had an amazing time here!! till next year😇
ANDANDAND I GOT A PHOTO WITH @marrrrriel !!!!!😆😍
ps, @sorahyang i'm coming for you next year!!😚


today marks the end of my 20 weeks internship and here's to every single member in kzartz, be it full time, intern or casual–
each and every one of you have impacted me and left a mark of your own. i'm extremely grateful to have went on this journey with you guys! i wouldn't have asked for a different location to have my intern done👻 i hope my annoying-ness and nonsensical acts will be missed okay! i'll see you guys soon!😇💓

when i'm with my clique, we know how to party💃🏽
thank you for the short open class @bobbyxndhika🙏🏽😇

FATFACE!! last month being braced face☹️️

it's been so long :') and it started off with a BAM BAM fun-filled choreo!!👻 thank u @heryphant 💪🏽

新年快乐 frans!!💫🎆

i told myself to try every class so i went for my first kpop class👻 thank you @ahleeshan for sharing this piece!! will definitely be back for more💪🏽😇 look at me trying to be girlish😂

this one's for you; to say that i am proud is probably an understatement.
since danzfest all the way up till now i still am so amazed by you (especially your krumping hoho). i've seen you achieve so much since the start, and i have always loved watching you perform. i always tend to lose my voice from shouting your name too much HAHA hopefully, we get to share the stage soon okay? weird how we had only shared the stage ONCE HAHA
thank you for always being there for me, through performances to competitions be it big or small.
it's time to get back all the sleeping hours that you have lost due to staying up and rest for your body and your shoulder.
remember, no matter how far we drift or distant we are, i'll always have your back because i know you've always got mine aite shaun tan HEHE 👻✨💓

took a break from reality with @krystalanneheng and explored into my first dancehall class, step out of your comfort zone right? (even though i look so stiff) 🤓 seems like forever since i danced. thank u @lumleelumlum !!! 🌻


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