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Louis Velazquez  Radio Show Host,former pro wrestler , Comic Book Character Falcon Coperis , traveled the world & smiled lots along the way, Twitter: @louisvelazquez


Now wouldn't ya say that TITAN @mikeohearn is in some pretty damn good company , well that's because he belongs in line with everyone from @therock @50cent to @brucelee & @schwarzenegger , learn more about him and you will understand the man and not the internet BS, my brother has a good heart, fierce spirit and does more good than you will ever read about

Just proud that he keeps raising the bar along side the rest of the awesome krew @heathevans44 @mona_muresan @gavanmurphy @terrycrews @lkeysfitness @c.t.ali.fletcher and so many others, I look forward to so much more success from my brothers and sisters moving forward, LETS DO THIS!!! #muscleandfitness #bodybuilding #kingofcovers #health #fitness #fitfam #warriors #muscle #mikeohearn #titan #gymlife

Injuries are bad but the rehab is the worst, just a few weeks into using @innov8athlete & my range of motion in my knee is so much better, getting strength back without bad pain, this is the first time in a long time that I'm able to do hams/glutes with 7 plates on a reverse for 12 reps , felt good and damn love doing legs as you feel that pure power and was able to do 12 plates on the leg press yesterday for reps, anyhow I'm using the #Innov8 Joint Compound / Complex, its helping me and nooooooo I'm not paid for this endorsement , it works and I let the world know bottom line

#fitfam #bodybuildingmotivation #legday part deux #health #wellness #bodybulding #fitness #traindifferent #beastmode #noexcuses #rehab #feelinggood

Gardening for some is about getting some veggies, beautifying their home etc, for me when I plant something and see it grow its a sign of hope, that anything is possible, its like watching a miracle in action and it does apply to life itself, hope is never ever lost you have to realize this my friends, Carpe diem and God Bless
#life #Truth #hope #walkbyfaith #believeinyourself #hope #inspiration #motivation #lifeisawesone #lifesrecipe

Focus, you have to be focused on what you really want and how you're going to get it. Nothing comes without effort , well nothing worth having anyhow, whether its business. Your health, your relationships , life in general
Put in what you want out of it and never be afraid of change for the better as change is what life is about, like the seasons we are humans need change to flourish. Otherwise ask yourself, are you really living ??? #truth #life #focus #success #puttheworkin #makethedayscount #changeyourview #seasons #lifeischange #sweatequity on a daily

When you feel that you can't go on is when you must push harder , Adversity is a challenge so accept it & show the world what ur made of!! There is no shame in being afraid, that's what gets the adrenaline flowing, it allows your senses to kick in enhanced mode and you may surprise yourself just don't use it as an excuse to give up

Fear is fuel not an excuse for giving up. And when you give up then you really fail

Winning baby, you have it in you!!!! #truth #success #titantuesday #noexcuses #life #motivation #inspiration #fitfam #gymlife #adversity #health #fitness #business #nevergiveup

When you're tired and beat down and don't know if you can keep on going is exactly when you must keep on going. Adversity is not a brick wall never to be penetrated, its a thing that allows our true inner selves to shine brightest in the midst of it .

You can choose to not fight on and yes that is a choice , OR how about you look at adversity and grin , because you know that you're moving in the direction that you need to and no obstacles will exist, only speed bumps but that's OK, keep fighting on my friends because life is a challenge so rise up to it and show the world what you can do!!!!! #success #life #truth #Choices #adversity #character #innerstrength #motivation #motivationmonday #fitfam #gymlife #business #fitness

This is what I have to wake up to at 4am, things happen 4 a reason & this Lil fur baby adds life value to me, funny how things work , she makes things more tolerable in my life for some reason. Well maybe its because she , in an instant, gave me uncondtional love and companionship for no reason but to get it in return.
She's only been in my life for a very Lil bit but she's added more to me at this point when I needed it most than I would even think is possible, I lost my Lil Lola several weeks ago and it was heartbreaking for me and this Lil baby pops into my life, gods will maybe?

Life is interesting that's for sure and things fall in and out for a reason even if we don't understand it. With that said it looks like she will be my sidekick as the page turns in the next few weeks, not a bad companion to have by your side #RISEANDGRIND cause life is AWESOME and treat it as such

#fitfam #life #lifeisawesone #mustlovedogs #dogsofinstagram #pursuitofhappiness #lifevalue #findyourhappy #dogs #Pomeranian #rescuedog

Gotta put the work in to get what you want. In life, Biz, health, everything. So don't be afraid, embrace ur inner beast! #Fitfam #life #Truth #beasttmode #traindifferent #training #health #fitness #gymlife #heavyduty #bodybuilding #beinspired

Need your HELP y'all , need you to spread the word if you can, if you have friends or family in Detroit then please share this. Found this little Pomeranian baby dodging traffic as I'm in town for a bit, its a female , about 5 pounds, well groomed , no chip and in good hands. Its going to be 21 degrees tonight so no way she was going to left out in the cold.

Beautiful dog I know whoever is the owner took good care of the doggie and must be worried sick, PLEASE inbox me if anyone has info, I'm going to need proof of ownership because I will not release the dog to just anyone.

#Pomeranian #Detroit #metrodetroit #michigan #lostdog #founddog #dog #missingdog #mustlovedogs

Transition of power happening as I post this, exciting day & no question President Donald J Trump our 45th #POTUS will invoke change in America , now is the time for unity in this great country , he will shake things up and I believe the ones that opposed all along will begin to see the vision #Inauguration #DonaldTrump

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