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Gavin Louis Uridel  🔛Owner @metroflex_oceanside 🔛California Attorney 🔛M.S.Biomechanics 🦏MUSCLESPORT Team Leader 🐻Kodiak Athlete Discount code 🦏TBS30🐻REALZ


My 2nd Leg day of the week... and Attack totally blew me up in all the good ways to blast through this glute/ham focused sesh... I polished it off with some 20 rep squeeze sets on leg extensions... just to keep it frosty.
Get some ATTACK at the pro-shop inside @metroflex_oceanside and stack it with some Ammo... for the ultimate one-two punch. Can’t make it into our store? Order online kodiaksupps.com and use code REALZ for 30% off.

In the house of GAINZ all glory goes to God... so I can always take a moment to give some thanks. When it comes to sick pumps I have to thank God for the 🐻 Kodiak Attack... gets me lit for training and pumped up!
Pick some up at our Elite Sports Pro shop inside of @metroflex_oceanside !!!! Or if you can’t wait or can’t drive in - order online kodiaksupps.com and save 30% off with code REALZ

How can you be alone when you have a line like this behind you?
*note - my Valentine will be waiting at home!*

On the left ...I’m 24.
On the right... I’m 38.
Age ain’t nothing but a number, and you can get started and look good at any age. I’m sitting at 43 right now and am working on my next metamorphosis and recomping my body after taking 2 years off any sort of serious training or nutrition.
Your number is up... what’s it gonna be? I’ve done it, real deal done it. Let me help you do it. Make a change - reach out to me REALZFITNESS@Gmail.com and we can work on bringing out your best at your age.

Post workout on a glute-ham focused leg day... my Gluties and Hams are Hunnnnngreeeee!
But why just eat carbs!? 💊GLYCOSLIN💊
Helps to shuttle carbs to the muscle... and what better time than POST WORKOUT!!! I take 3 Glycoslin and do my lean whey protein with a scoop of bear food (50g carbs) and then I have another meal with 50g protein and 100g carbs within an hour! #MAXIMUMGAINZ
Don’t leave your muscles hungry. Check out both Glycoslin and Bear Food at the pro shop inside @metroflex_oceanside !!! Or pick them up online at KodiakSupps.com and save 30% off with code REALZ.

BCAA are pretty much a staple for me in my training... Pepform aminos make Ammo by @kodiaksupps my choice ... not to mention the candy flavors take me allllllllllllllllllll the way back to my childhood... except geeky grape, bc I just had grape nerds last week.
You can get ammo at our pro-shop inside @metroflex_oceanside now! Or if you aren’t local, you can order online at Kodiaksupps.com and use code REALZ to save 30%.

I’m back ... 💯💯💯
#assaulttheindustry on the Leverage Squat by @watsongymequipment ... doing what it takes... bringing quad day back
Attack is available at the Elite Sports Pro ship inside @metroflex_oceanside !!! Also on kodiaksupps.com using code REALZ for 30% off !!!

During my training I love to lock and load with AMMO BCAA by @kodiaksupps... why?
🍇Geeky Grape
🍒Cherry Lifesavers
🍊Orange candy
Just three of the amazing flavors of the effective 3:1:1 ratio BCAAs
You can pick up your AMMO at the @elitesports_proshop Inside Metroflex Gym Oceanside... @metroflex_oceanside ... don’t live local? Order from KodiakSupps.com and use code REALZ for 30% off website prices!

With the #arnoldclassic2018 a month away... I was made aware by @beccaeve_believe that booty is the top priority for the booth this year. Keeping in mind my roommate is @davidbaye79 (everyone calls him the ass so u know he is glute-tastic) and I’m working the @kodiaksupps booth with @loli_fitness and @fit_chocolatechick (who are poster children for booty) ... my booty game needs to get on point ... FAST!
Today I had some help from IFBB Pro @sabieflux to push me along in my booty gains bc who wouldn’t want a top Olympian and AC finalist to help push them!?
So look out... booty is a coming to @teammusclesport and @kodiaksupps at the #asf2018
Swiping left you see the workout was powered by ATTACK - the pre-workout that puts the peach into peachtastic! Available at the pro shop inside @metroflex_oceanside

Pro Shop at @metroflex_oceanside is open up and ready to rock and roll. I’m basically only carrying stuff that I (we the cooperative unit of Metroflex Gym) believe in. You won’t see other brands here unless I’ve personally used them or there is a purpose for them being here.
Basically, I’m not going to sell anything out of the shop I haven’t personally used and believe in. #keepsitrealz

Just doing some 295lb barbell rows with my good friend Caleb @carlsbad__caleb
Wanna take your back to the next level? Have a lagging body part? Hit me up... I’ll take you to GAINZville son!
Going down at @metroflex_oceanside - aka THE FLEX... North County’s growing hardcore gym!

Hit some shoulders with MyGuy @carlsbad__caleb today and felt wrecked afterward... well, Shoulder pumped wrecked... actually felt fantastic!
Don’t call it a comeback!
I threw in some Nitrosogine to the mix for this workout and it LIT my pumps up!!!! Pick some up in the RAW section of MuscleSport.com and use code TBS30 for 30% off. We will also be getting this in at the Elite Pro Shop in our gym!!!!

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