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What that tongue do?👹👅 pt.2
Old old pic of the look I did a while ago + a million filters to make it look less lame. BUT I'll be home on monday evening again so expect some new content next week 👀💕
Lenses: @optyk.rozmus
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Wig review for Amazon seller @probeautyamazon
So this is my first Amazon wig ever to be honest and I love it!!
It looks just like it does on the pic and I love the colour to bits. I love that the colours isn't seperatedly hair but really well dyed ombre 👌
The wig itself is really soft and doesn't tangle alot. And if it does, combing it detangles it really easily!
The locks stay up when teasing it up with your hands a little so you can either wear it really puffy or flat.
I love it!! 10/10

💊B r o k e n💊
Ik its way past my usual upload times but I felt like uploading something so have a pic of a look I did a g e s ago. I know its a huge mess but oh well 🌟
I honestly can't wait to cosplay again ughh I have so many ideas ;;;; _____
#makeup #makeupart #aesthetic #darkaesthetic

Let's not talk about how I got inspo from a pic I found on r34 for that very awkward pic 🦊💦
But I'm running short on content and didn't have time to edit alot so have this unedited pic for now.
Also little update!! We arrived on the cruise ship today and will make our way to Norway for the rest of the day and tomorrow 💕 I'm sooo excited!! Will make sure to post pics I'll take❤️
📷: Simon (doesn't have Instagram)
Cosplay: @miccostumes
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I FINALLY did my part of the collab @inkuibus kindly asked me to do with them. He got inspired by the Black Lagoon Creature and I got inspires by a lagoon itself!
My makeup turned out really drag-esque which is p sweet I guess 👌
Also I'm going to my grandparents tomorrow so we can go to the cruise to Norway together on Sunday. I'm so excited!!
Face: @sleekmakeup
Lips: @sugarpill
Wig: @probeautyamazon
#makeup #makeupart #lagoon #drag #dragmakeup #??? #iguess #mermay

👁️Ouija 👁️
Yooo Im semi back but I wanted to tell you about the Ouija Tank @killstarco blessed me with. It's definetly my favourite piece of clothing right now along with another shirt they sent me wHICH I will post pics of soon as well 👌
Check them out 👉👉 @killstarco
#KILLSTAR #apparel #ouija

Taking a break from being a hero 🧝❤️🐱
Bad pic since I was squinting alot because I was smiling like an idiot but have a pic with my asshole cat and me. I'm surprised he didn't scratch my face while taking pics but nop, he was calmer than ever.
I also wasn't gonna another upload another pic of that cosplay because the algorythm hates it but here ya go anyway🤟
📷: Simon (doesn't have Instagram)
Cosplay: @miccostumes
#linkcosplay #gerudolink #gerudolinkcosplay #tloz #tlozcosplay #breathofthewild

⚔️"Ahhh heeheehee...Just as I thought! You make for quite a good lookin' gal. That's a traditional Gerudo outfit."⚔️
Had a fun little photoshooting with my friends yesterday! Props to my friend for making the pics look like it was a warm day because shiii it was cold and gloomy as fuck outside. But it was still really fun to do!
Also me ruining a borderless feed with a pic which has borders because Instagram wouldn't fit the whole pic? More likely than you think.
Speaking of Instagram, thanks for completely fucking the quality once again!
📷: Simon (doesn't have Instagram)
Cosplay: @miccostumes
#linkcosplay #gerudolink #gerudolinkcosplay #tloz #tlozcosplay #breathofthewild

Photoshoot time 🦊❤️
Also #beforeandaftercosplay pic layout inspired by the kween @alysontabbitha 👏

Old out of cosplay pic so you all don't forget what the gay boy actually looks like 🦊
Need to prepare some content before going on the cruise to Norway in two weeks oof,,,,

Is it a man? Is it a woman? It's a silly villain who loves women and makeup way too much 💋🚬
I decided to cosplay @calicot.zc's OC Amadeus today again because I got the sudden urge to do so lmao,,,
I feel like it's a complete downgrade to last time I cosplayed them but please check out the artist too, their stuff is amazing!!
#calicotamadeus #oc #occosplay #makeup #makeupart #cosplay #crossplay #calicotocamadeus

I recreated @zorinblitzz 's look who got also inspired by @isshehungry because I'm obsessed with it 😭 I unfortunetly forgot my red theatre makeup at my moms place and eyeshadow doesn't have the best coverage on bigger spaces so I had to fix the part under the eye with editing a little :> especially on the right side bc wtf is this.
But p l e a s e check out Mark's stuff because he's one of my biggest inspirations on here and his looks are jaw dropping ❤️
I'll definetly try to create my own japanese yokai inspired looks in the future!!!
Also yes, I'm THAT pale 🦊
Also2.0 sorry bout my chicken wings shaped hands
Wig: @heahair
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