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LOUIS.K  BOY who loves makeup and dressing up |🇩🇪 | 19 | 🚹 📧or DM for business - louis.kutzke@gmail.com Support my work?⬇️

Reupload from a Shintaro Kago inspired look I did like,, last year? Because I'm not too happy with the look I did today and I wanna upload more spoopy makeup because spoop month is coming closer 👀
I also put a glitch filter on this pic cause I like how trippy it looks!! Will definetly do more makeups like this soon because they're fun and chellanging to do 👌❤️
#cosplay #shintarokago #sfx #sfxmakeup #creepy #creepymakeup #makeupart #aesthetic #faceart #halloweenmakeup

Self Aware
Android makeup inspired by Yolandi and Detroit Become Human!
This was really fun to do honestly and Im glad I finally got to use these AMAZING lenses from @ohmykitty4u 💕💕
Almost forgot to upload this tbh because I've been playing Oblivion all day oops,,,,💦
Wig: @cosplaybuzz "louistato10" for a discount
Lenses: @ohmykitty4u Blue Wizard "louistato" for a discount
#faceart #makeupart #android #androidmakeup #cosplay #halloweenmakeup

Right off the bat, this look was completely inspired by my friend's Strawberry makeup. I was in awe when she uploaded it so I just HAD to recreate it 😭❤️
Her instagram is @sakubrah and her makeup account with her look(s) on it is (@xaphina)!
Definetly recommend following her cause she deserves so much more love for what she does💕
Wig: @evahairofficial "reddish brown synthetic lacefront wig"
Lenses: SFX Rogue from @ohmykitty4u "louistato" for a discount
#strawberry #elf #makeupart #faceart #cosplay

Polite 🅱️ois 🐱
So this turned out way more horrible than I ever imagined but oh well I did it as a joke anyway :'D had the idea to do this cause of my "Dragon" makeup which reminded me oddly enough of Ollie,,,, somehow,,,
Probably the most cursed image ever so happy nightmares ✨
#makeup #makeupart #politecat #meme #memecosplay #whatamIdoingwithmylife #thisisacallforhelp

Get yourself a man who can do both 🦊✨

Did this ˢʰᶦᵗᵗʸ look today cause it got suggested when I reviewed these amazing lenses from @ohmykitty4u ("louistato" for a discount)
But yeah Im really not that happy with how it turned out but whats new :'D
Also took mild inspo from my boi @zorinblitzz 💕
#makeup #makeupart #dragon #dragonmakeup #faceart #cosplay

Lowkey goth mommy kicks pointy tiddy girl's ass (gone wrong)
So Im REALLY not happy with this, mainly cause I don't have the cosplay so alot of details are missing which makes it look boring. But I still wanted to do a lil crossplay of her too cause it got requested!! The wig's colour is edited which might be obvious,, but yeah it's the same one I used for Kim P. a few days ago!!:>
#kimpossible #kimpossiblecosplay #shego #shegocosplay #crossplay #childhoodcosplay #childhood

Call me, beep me, if you want pointy tiddy girl to kick someone's ass
I haven't done a CROSSPLAY in forever so I thought it was about time to do my #1 childhood gal with the gorgeous wig @cosplaybuzz sent me! I'll post a more in depth review some other time but for now lemme tell ya it's 👌👌👌💕
Any other characters you want to see me cosplay with this wig? Comment below!
An inspired makeup of the human form of Midna is definetly planned 👀
"louistato10" for a discount for any products in their shop!!
#kimpossible #kimpossiblecosplay #crossplay #childhood #childhoodcosplay #lacefrontwig #ginger

This is the only video of #gamescom which matters 🤧💕
@sakubrah is honestly a blessing and the best Witch Mercy out there 100%. I love her with my whole heart and 10/10 would place my chin on her hand again 💗🙌
Btw I'll start making new content again today!! Stay tuned UWU
#overwatch #overwatchcosplay #dva #dvacosplay #maledva #maledvacosplay #mercy #mercycosplay #witchmercy #witchmercycosplay

I can't believe I met god himself on #gamescom yesterday 🤧
But I literally never take pics of me with other cosplayers on cons except my friends but this was an exception 🙌
I'm SO glad we were still able to get tickets since the one we originally got were scam-ish 💕
The shoes were killing me but I still had an amazing day!
#overwatch #overwatchcosplay #dva #dvacosplay #maledva #maledvacosplay #crashbandicoot #crashbandicootcosplay

Here's the pastel look since the majority voted for it!! I know its not really pastel cause Im too used to doing dark makeup all the time whoops but I tried.
I liked the pic tho so I thought I might as well upload it anyway🦊
#makeup #makeupart #pastel #aesthetic #elf #pastelmakeup #cosplay

UwU? What's this? OWO 🐰💕
Thanks for all the sweet comments on my other Male Dva pic!! Can't wait to cosplay him for Gamescom on Saturday 👀 who will be there as well?💗
Also don't mind my tryhard poses,, after 5 years of cosplaying and I still don't know how to pose lmaoo
#overwatch #overwatchcosplay #dva #dvacosplay #maledva #maledvacosplay

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