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Those that metallic pleated skirt together, shmetallic shmleated stick together. #smooth

You’ll never guess where we are!

#Ad - Have you seen my new video (linked in the bio?) featuring this little pumpkin, her big sister and my Top 10 Halloween tips? I've teamed up with @asda to share the little pearls of wisdom I've learnt over the years when hosting parties and playdates but would LOVE to hear yours in the comments on the video - the more the merrier! Click the link in the bio to watch, it's super spooky*!!! #Aaasda #SeeWhatTheyDidThere *It's not really ✨

Squad goals. 😊

No you’re crying happy tears. ✨

I love that Darcy has a sister. My sister is like an automatic BFF so I’m REALLY hoping Doodles and Poodles feel the same way as the grow up. I know it’s not always the case so fingers crossed.
Flight-wise: Darcy was dreamy. She’s a great traveller and never hard work. Pearl didn’t have any major meltdowns (a few little cries) but refused sleep for the WHOLE flight. That’s 9 hours folks. It was ‘fun’. Shout out to Sharon our new plane buddy and the amazing air stewards on our @virgin flight- perfect service. Pearl was even presented with a full tray of @ellaskitchenuk pouches which made my day because it was unexpected!
Before I share anymore tomorrow, just want to say because I know that #vloglife has a lot of perks- this isn’t a pr perk or ad. I’ve not been gifted anything or asked to review anything. Just booked a trip to a place I love and like shouting out (and tagging) great service. Right, both girls are sparko and I’m writing this from the bathroom so my phone light doesn’t disturb them! Night night!! Xx

Me and the gang are off to see our favourite mouse and we can’t wait!!! I might be a bit mia on here or posting at funny times whilst we’re on our jollies. Wish us luck for the flight with Pearl!! ✈️

Ad| Yes hi, of course I'm always this incredibly glamorous when I work from my 'soft office'! You know 99% of the time I'm propped up by the pillows with a top knot and pj's but the screens and tech are always still there- I literally can't live without them. I use them to write my books, edit my videos, catch up with managers, clients, friends and obviously, most importantly- YOU! With this much reliance on tech, I need good security so I use Kaspersky Security Cloud to keep it safe- like my own personal security guard- woop woop! @kasperskylab removes pop up ads, manages kids screen time and use of apps (very important!), patrols my wi-fi network, stops webcam spies (this one makes me really happy because that freaks me out) and is so easy to use. Use the link in my bio to download your free trial version for the whole family, its useable on up to 20 devices- check it out! You're welcome! #CanILookThisGlamAlwaysPlease #Kaspersky

Found this on my phone last night whilst aimless scrolling (Liam wanted to watch Dead Pool 2, I hate violence in films, it was Coping Scrolling) and felt such heart squeezes. Our family of 4 is an equal unit now with everyone loved the same but this reminds me of when we were just a unit of 2 and love was fierce. I loved extra hard to off set the sad/bad feelings in my life at the time. It's hard to explain. I don't love less now but it's relaxed love. Am I being confusing?? Anyway, this kid, she's special. The one that made me a Mummy, the one that made big big love for me. ❤️👧🏼(clothing tagged because I know I'll be asked but it's a 3 year old photo)

AD| For those who watch The Weekly and know how much I enjoy vlogging putting the washing on (truly, a real thing!), you'll know what a day it was when Ariel told me about about their new campaign, #HowDoYouPod. Ariel know we all have our own little laundry routines and our own way of doing things! Mine is to set my vlogging cam up on the shelf, talk to you, pop my Ariel 3 in 1 pod in, throw my washing in and voila- instant satisfaction at knowing you've ticked something off your list! It really tickles me how popular The Laundry Segment is, you're such good eggs! I'd love to hear how you pod- do you have a little routine or habit too? PODS are available at Tesco, Morrisons and ASDA. ALWAYS keep out of reach of children. http://www.keepcapsfromkids.eu. #ad #ILoveTheLaundrySegment #DreamyCollab

It's autumn vines, it's a corduroy skirt, it's a tiny tabby cat. What more could anyone want from this?? Happy FRIYAAAYYY!!! 🎉🍁🎉🍁

Started on this last night and so far really enjoying it! Has anyone else read it? Spoiler free thoughts please! I'm in the mood for book chat!