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The garden centre had a festive scene in the entrance. You’ve never seen a woman put her baby and kid on it so fast. Their strongest childhood memory is going to me me holding a phone saying, ‘smile for mummy!’ 🥰🎄❄️👌🏻

No, you regret letting the baby self feed with the weetabix. #MumLife.
Biggest mess your offspring has ever made please and how long did it take you to clean up?? 😫😧🥴

AD | Oooeee I feel so swish! @DanielWellington has the most lovely Christmas gifts for everyone. Enjoy 10% off when purchasing any 2 products and receive an additional 15% with my code: “LOUISEPENTLAND” at checkout on http://danielwellington.com and in DW stores- Hooray what a score!! I am wearing the “Classic Petite Melrose” and cuff. To make life even easier, it’s free shipping and gift wrapping so that really makes it tempting eh? #ImSOExcitedForChristmas

Twinning’s winning with my big girl! 👯‍♀️❤️👌🏻

Today was going to be a nothingy day. Maybe get on top of the laundry or finish wrapping presents. I’m still full of cold and bleaugh. THEN MY FRIEND TEXT!
Emma and I have been friends since our uni days. We’ve worked in an office together, partied together, been to Ibiza together (the less said about that the better!) and now we’re living #mumlife together!
Emma was in town with the famalam, we all hung out, went to Zizzi’s, laughed about our adventures, our menfolk got on- it was GLORIOUS!! I feel full.
Tell me of your weekend, good or bad ❤️✨🎄

At last, Orbit has made a little friend.

AD | Remember a couple of week’s back when Esther taught me to full on cook a Christmas turkey (surprisingly easy btw)?? Well I’ve added some info in my stories as a refresher. I’d never have known Lidl do such gorgeous meat if I’m honest. I don’t eat a huge amount but I do like a tiny slice on Christmas Day and I do cook (ahem, sit and chop veg for Liam) for the fam so I’m excited to have a deluxe item for a lidl price! See what I did there? Thank you @LidlUK for constantly surprising me, you’re good eggs. Or yanno, good turkeys heh heh. #Lidl #MakeItSpecial #ad

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Those sparkly tree decorations are veeeeerrryyy tempting 🥰🎄❄️

My friend Emma, auntie Judith and I went to a wreath making workshop last night and it was LOVELY. I’ve been feeling so flat this week (bit poorly, bit tired, bit want to hibernate with my girls) so spending an evening creating, gently socialising and not looking at a screen was really soul filling. Decided I’m going to try and add more crafting into 2019 and make time to do these things. Are you a crafter? What do you make?

AD | Oh my god golly, I have found the ULTIMATE Christmas present and quite frankly, it’s not lasting til the 25th because this is the DISNEY DREAM!
The Disney Classics Boxset contains 55 classic Disney films all presented in this gorgeous box with accompanying illustrations. If you have a Disney fan in your family (who doesn’t?) and you wanted to really super spoil them, this could be ideal for you. .
We’ve been having regular family nights ahead of our massive Disney trip in 2020 (did you know we’re taking the whole famalam out- they’ll be 12 of us! Imagine Auntie Judith in Disney World? She’ll be weeping at every corner ahahaha) and watching a film each time. So far we’ve watched Lion King, Aladdin, Moana, Atlantic The Lost Empire and Hercules. This boxset is going to come in VERY handy between now and then!!
I’d like to know, what’s your all time fave Disney film and, if you’ve been, you’re all time fave attraction and DisneyWorld? #LouiseLovesDisney #ALot #ItsAllRealToMe

Profile goals. You shouldn’t have a favourite child (and by ‘child’ I mean ‘cat’- they are my fur babies) but if I HAD to tell you which one I liked best, it’s this one- Rocket. My OG. 💘

Wasn’t she only born about five seconds ago?? I hope she never stops feeling this proud of herself. My heart is SQUISHY DAMMIT!!! 🐑❤️🐑