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From sipping cocktails at 12 course dinner events to trying to persuade a poorly baby to have one piece of pasta. I like to live wild 😂👶🏼💕. Are you being more exciting than me today? #probably.

Disclosure- I’m working with @lidluk to share their Christmas range but this post is entirely my own and not part of the contracted work I’m doing with them ❤️
I wanted to share this photo from yesterday because it was SUCH a special afternoon. Lidl has invited me to try their festive Christmas food so that I know what I’m talking about when I do my contracted instas across the next few weeks. I turned up expecting a few nice trays of mini food (you know like mini Yorkshire’s and mini cakes etc) but it was just so much more. I’ve worked with so many brands over the past 7 years but this just blew me away. They’d hired a top chef to cook a 12 course meal with beautifully paired wines, a drinks expect to talk about how Lidl source the whiskeys and gins, a pianist and guitarist to make the most beautiful atmosphere and a top florist to put together the most stunning table. It was so clear how much love the brand had for what they do and that’s the kind of people I want to work with- people who believe in their product or service and will go the extra mile for it. They explained every course, where the food was grown, how they make ice wine, how they keep prices affordable for the customer. I know this is gushy but it’s hard to impress a seasoned pr event go-er and they did. Lidl, I’m love how much you love what you do, 99 glitter points for you. ✨❤️🎄

AD| Am I at home in my soft office? No my friends, for today I am a Business Woman, living my BEST life at the @lidluk #MakeItSpecial Christmas event. It. Is. Brilliant! 12 courses of festive goodies, stunning wines, beautiful decor- I’m in Christmas heaven! I’ve shared more in my stories so have a looksie! Merry Christmas!!! 🎄👌🏻❤️

So here’s a thing, a very real thing. I’m feeling a bit burnt out. I don’t like to talk about this because it makes me feel vulnerable. I feel that admitting this shows a weakness, a chink in my armour, that strangers who enjoy being negative online will take advantage of. I know 99% of you are amazing and that’s why 99% of my attention is with you, but some aren’t and they say I’m a shoddy mum who does nothing all day. Sigh.
This job is a special one, a privileged one but a big one. A LOT happens behind the scenes, so much love and care is poured in and I take great pride in making everything what it is.
Pearl was born Sunday 14th of Jan and on Monday 15th I put on my makeup, picked up my camera and started again.
Everyone told me to take time off and I ignored them. I wanted to be the woman that CAN. I wanted to show everyone I’m not lazy, I’m a hard trier, I am good enough (yes hello severe childhood issues from a Father who regularly told me I was lazy and didn’t try hard enough- he even made up a character called Mr Slop who used to ‘visit’, aka I’d been lazy again. 😶).
This is such an essay. I’m sorry.
This weekend I felt very overwhelmed. I was horrible to Liam, I wasn’t a present mother and I just cried and cried.
I need a break or a slower pace of life. I’m scared to say it in case you all think I do nothing and that by asking for a break I’m lazy. I have issues.
So, I have. I’m blocking Tuesdays fully off. I edit on Sat and upload/read/reply comments on Sunday so I need a day being just mummy. Currently I’m watching tv, playing with Pearl and musing through Instagram. It’s bliss. I’m also shutting my laptop at 6pm everyday, making more time for friends and leisure and upping my B6 levels. I feel really positive about it.
There might be some changes next year and I want you to be ok with them. I’m going to evolve the Weekly and I’m also going to take some time offline to write my new book. We’ll discuss all that later.
For now though. Slooowwwww.
Do you ever feel rushed/overwhelmed/stuck on the wheel? How do you help yourself get off? Hope this has been helpful to anyone like me/you actually managed to read through this brain dump! Xxxx

Thinking of all of those, on all sides, who bravely battled for all of us. I can’t imagine living in those times and seeing my loved ones go to war. I’m thinking warmly of all the brave people who fight today and praying constantly for peace the world over. #armistice100 ❤️

How long after your holiday do you think, ‘I want to go baaaack’ for?? 3 days? 3 weeks? More??? Where are you next adventuring to? Let me steal your ideas ✈️

Ever meet people and just click? I had afternoon tea today with Wilde About The Girl competition winners Sophie and Hebe and it was LOVELY! It turned out we only live one town away and I really hope our paths cross again ✨👌🏻💖.
Now I’m snuggled up with Darcy and Orbit, rain pounding on the windows, watching Disney vlogs.
I uploaded a pretty personal life update earlier. It’s linked in the bio- I hope you like it! 💖

This day last year I was in hospital waiting to have my gestational diabetes test. I was feeling the lowest and loneliest I had felt in years (thanks to my lovely pregnancy hormones), I was in and out of a wheelchair with SPD, I felt pretty salty that friends had dropped off a bit (you’re not as fun when you can’t physically move a lot and you cry a LOT), I was incredibly anxious about the birth and I was being told Pearl was over sized! It was a bit bleddy much!!
Fast forward a year- I didn’t have diabetes and I had a perfectly healthy baby at home with a non invasive, calm water birth. My mood picked up as the hormones levelled out. I realised the friends that had loved and supported were true gifts. My hips felt happier and I could walk with ease.
People often say, ‘oh it was all worth it’ and that frustrated me. I’m a logical list making gal and I wanna know why it’s worth it! If that’s you, let me reassure that aside from a gorgeous baby, the rest all works out too. Your body amazes you at how well it heals, life goes back to normal and it’s LOVELY!
I wish I’d been a bit more vocal about how down I felt but you live and learn.
Hope this is soothing to any of you going through something similar. My friend @maddiechester used to say, ‘this too shall pass’, and she was right. Happy days are always ahead 💖✨❄️

What’s this? Oh it’s just me with the bosses of @cbbc’s #BluePeter and a dinosaur. Very casual, very normal. Tonight on the show they’re announcing the finalists for the Blue Peter Book Awards that I was a judge for!! I’m excited to see which wins (that’ll be voted for by the children who watch the show) and I’m excited to win ALL the cool points from Darcy who is a HUGE Blue Peter fan! Can I be the next BP Presenter please?? Jokes. (Except not) ✨📚❤️

AD | Competition time! In my opinion, the perfect hosting experience is having friends over to relax up on the sofa (please note my @HarveysFurniture sofa of glory which you can win just by following them!!), drink hot chocolates and watch re-runs of Victoria. If they bring their children over to play with Darcy, all the better, I'll whip out the games and they're all set too! If it's a good friend we'll end up masterminding some mad plan and making lists, googling goodness knows what and cackling away all day! Even when I plan parties (just wait til my Christmas Soiree this year!), everyone always ends up flopped on the sofas with all the good nibbles. I always have a big basket of blankets nearby ready to make everyone cosy!
Fun fact, I had a big mug of hot chocolate all ready to hold and look demure and hostessy in this photo but Pearl decided it would be far better if I held her instead! Surely she's a better sofa model than me and the mug anyway right??
If you'd like to win my #ThePerfectHost package (it's a good one - luxury hot chocolate, a game, mugs, fluffy slippers, stationery, AND this gorgeous sofa - aka the perfect afternoon in a box), just follow @HarveysFurniture and leave a comment with your best hosting tip! I'm looking forward to all the tips so I can steal them for myself haha! #ThisReallyTrulyIsADreamySofa ❤️❄️🎉

This photo accurately sums up what it’s like to try and take a photo with Pearl. The girl’s on the move!! Do you prefer the more inspirational photos of in focus smiles or the ‘duffs’ like this that show real life more?? ☺️❤️👴🏻

We’ve not started the week off as we intended! Pearl’s a bit spotty/rashy so we booked her in for a dr visit. She’s fine, we’ve been given cream, reassurance and good nhs care. Here’s hoping for a smoother afternoon! How’s your Monday going? #GodBlessTheNHS #SpottyPearl #MumLife

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