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🇨🇦 IFBB PRO Louis-Dominique  🏆 Men's Physique Athlete 🦍 @teamcoachld Prep Coach 🚫 Sponsors 🔥 Absolute Touch Tanning/Makeup Athlete 🔒❤️ MEG #That24HourGrind

🔥 New Video Live on My Youtube Channel 🔥
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Me and my boy @lovinsky_fit hitting a chest and back workout at 3 weeks out from the @toprosupershow .
We’re hungry! 💣

Just about right 😅

@toprosupershow we’re coming baby!
Respectively 10 and 11 days out for my brother @lovinsky_fit and myself.
Representing for 🇨🇦 and @teamludachris 🔥
Full video will be updated on his Youtube channel tonight, I’ll keep you guys posted.

#Repost @lovinsky_fit with @get_repost
Résumé du Vlog 01 à 20 Days Out: Input de mon micro qui me lache🎤, vidéo qui bogue📹...moi qui essaie de tout arranger en faisant des voices over, mais en vain😅 Sooo Vlog 01 sera juste mon workout avec mon big bro @louisdom.ifbbpro qui est aussi à 10 Days Out du Toronto Pro Show🏆
Full video sur ma chaîne YouTube se soir 👉🏾

SWIPE LEFT to see my progress in the past 2 weeks.
Definitely happy with it.
Satisfied? Not yet.
I know what I’m capable of and I won’t stop until I reach it.
I’ve got this vision in my head and I’m doing everything in my power to make it a reality.
Can’t wait to see what will be the final product in a little over 2 weeks.
Constantly improving.
I love it 🙌🏾

Killing this physique in 16 days... 💣
📸 @vipersportsphotography

Picture/video from a couple weeks ago.
Waist is slowly disappearing.
I’d post a more recent pic but let’s just say the 3 Weeks Out blues caught up to me 😅.
Pumps are leaving you, energy is always VERY low, you’re hungry af 24/7, but it’s all part of the process.
I still love it tho 💪🏾🔥
At that point I don’t even look at me, I let that to my coach and I just follow the game plan, 1 meal at a time, 1 rep at a time. I’m determined on beating my previous best 🙌🏾

And now the Open @mimicapesclassic @teamcoachld SQUAD 🦍
Mannn this show really was something for me. When you put in so much time and effort into your athletes development, its quite an amazing feeling to see them shine on stage 🔥
- @jordy__fit who came in WAY improved from his previous show and cracked the 1st callout/Top 5
- @jerry_fit_freak took home 1st place Classic Physique
- @tony_athlete taking home 2nd place in Bodybuilding Medium - @fellarose taking home 1st place in Mens Physique
- @rippedraff cracked the Top 5 in Mens Physique on his 1st show (with some minor tweaks he’ll be a Top 3 guy in every amateur show he’ll enter)
- @terry.xfit second callout in classic physique

Great showing for my team at the Natural @mimicapesclassic this morning! Great organisation and overall event. You’ll definitely see the #Gorillas again next year! 🦍
- @jose.aesthetic 1st place classic physique
- @strength_rev Too big, he’s never gonna compete in boardshorts again 😅 Classic watch out!
- @joaniedeno Definitely the most improved athlete 🔥
@miica.maayan 2nd place Bikini

All of the 🦍 squad is checked in and ready to GO!!!
@mimicapesclassic 2018
@teamcoachld 💣

#TBT to Canadian Nationals 2016. My last national with my homies who I consider brothers @jubjub136 & @chevzzter 🙌🏾.
@jubjub136 won the Overall and his pro card at this show, I went on to win the North-Americans 3 weeks later for my pro card and @chevzzter just earned his by winning last year’s Ben Weider Legacy Cup 🔥💣
In less than 4 weeks we’ll get to battle it out on stage but mostly make new memories which I’ll cherish way beyond my bodybuilding years.
We may not live close to each others, but we share a common passion, we understand each others and we make sure to get it 💣🔥 everytime we link up !!

4 Weeks Out Physique Update 🔥
Am I satisfied yet?
Nah... Far from it.
But I’m ready to drop the hammer and get that crazy conditionning. 4 Weeks should be plenty enough.
Let’s work baby 💣
This 2018 season is getting pretty challenging at some point, but let’s roll with it.
No whinning over here, I ain’t about that life.

Exclusive routine practice video straight out of the Atlantic Coast Pro Championship prep archive.
The morning of the show. Couldn’t sleep or stay still. I was SO hyped!
I knew it in my heart that I was about to display my very best package ever on stage later on that day.
All that hardwork paid off.
Just needed to make sure I display it to the best of my abilities. Kept hearing my coach @ludachrisifbbpro in my mind telling me: «  slow it down! Let the judges see you » 😅
Man those moments are what makes champions. All the hardwork you put in when nobody’s watching. Gotta love it 🙌🏾

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