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🇨🇦 IFBB PRO Louis-Dominique  ▪️ Men's Physique Athlete 🦍 Team #CoachLD Head Coach Prep + Posing 💊 DSL Supps Athlete 🍽 @Fitmenu « louisdom10 » for 10$ OFF 🔒❤️ MEG #That24HourGrind


Straight out the #StEustacheMuscleFactory 😅
We got our own Kuwait gainz going on...
Healthy gainz 😉
Make sure to follow @olivierlapointe_ ‘s journey as we prepare him for his 3rd year of competition.
This kid has grow so much in the past 2 years it’s freaking ridiculous, and I’m not only talking about physically. Mentally he isn’t the little 17 year old kid that hit me up on IG for a training program anymore.
From a « zyzz fan aesthetic sickcunt shredder bs » to a bodybuilder 💪🏾
He is gonna go places.
Let’s werk brotha!
Ps: he’s single too 😉😂
Team #CoachLD 🦍

Just casually dabbin on these gainz I’m about to consume 😏🙅🏾‍♂️
Order yours now 💪🏾
« louisdom10 » promo code for 10$ off your order 🔥

Here it is guys!
So I made it into the list of @apquebec top 15 Coach of the Year 🙌🏾
Finished in 5th place.
It’s always a good feeling to see your team’s effort being rewarded. We are officially part of the Top 5 best Team in the province of Quebec!
I’d like to take time to send my biggest « CONGRATULATIONS!! » to all my squad 💪🏾
It’s really been an amazing year. I’ve had the chance to work with a passionate, dedicated and hardworking group of athletes.
You guys gave me all you had!
I feel honored to have got the chance to witness your growth both as athletes & individuals.
Beyond that, you’ve also made me grow into a better coach and overall better person and I thank you for that.

Enjoy the holidays (BUT DON’T OVER DO IT 😏) cuz january is coming soon and it’s back to business as usual. We still got work to do.
Many more rookies to introduce to the scene, many more athletes to make undeniable & hopefully a/some pro cards 🤘🏾
Let’s grind!
Team #CoachLD 🦍

Christmas came early this year!
Thanks @dslsupplements 🖤
Go to my Insta Story for my order details 🔥💪🏾

Thank you to my boy Pascal Seguin AKA @thefit_physio for taking care of my injuries and such.
I’ve implemented his exercises to my daily routine to assure a better overall body functionning and I can tell you after the very first day I’m already seeing improvements.
I’m lucky to have this chance to work with Pascal on a weekly basis. I’m confident he’ll help me unlock more of my potential and most of all keep me healthy.
I haven’t seen a Physio since my football, but he’s the man seriously 💪🏾
If you’re experiencing problem in the gym performing certain exercises or feeling some kind of pain, juste hit him up and he’ll fix you. As simple as that.

Say no more! 😂

Just received my new bracelet from @bijoulie_juliepontbriand and I’m in love 🔥🙌🏾
Custom made bodybuilding bracelet that fits like a glove.
I’ll never leave my house without it now. Thanks Julie!
Head over to her page to see her different styles and order yours.
She has different style of jewelry both for men and women 👌🏾

Man this shit is so much more than bodybuilding to me.
Most would never understand.
If you know, you know.

When you trade off your gym attire for real life clothes it calls for a selfie.

As you all may know, the quality of the veggies we have on the market has well downgraded over the past years. Nowadays vegetables are grown almost « chemically » .
Just look at their size and you’ll know exactly what I mean 😂.
One thing that hasn’t grown though is their count of vitamins.
This is where a good Greens Supplement comes into play. To make sure you consume enough vitamins and minerals (that you otherwise wouldn’t if you, for example, consume 3 portions of vegetables/day).
So for a maximum health, vitamin & mineral count, just eat your veggies and take a good Greens Supplement.
BIOGREENS from @dslsupplements is obviously my go-to product 🙌🏾
Give it a shot!
Always put your overall health 1st 💪🏾
Available at all @fobuss.nutrition locations 🦍

Thank you John for a great seminar weekend 🙌🏾
I’m really glad I attended.
Looking forward to get back in the lab aka gym 💪🏾

Crushed an insane chest & delt session this morning with @mountaindog1 & @berryswole 💣
A massive pump was achieved 💪🏾

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