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Lorelei Fink  get that hot dog away from me

Highly recommend the Badlands at 5AM

Bye Seattle see ya adios until next time

First and foremost-- the thanks I have to give for the copious amount of birthday wishes I got today are so immense, I can only hope my responses were half as kind and loving. Many have brought me to tears, which as my birthdays usually go, I have to cry at least once; so thank you for that. Secondly, this is a hand painted and hand embroidered piece by @zee_bees given to me by my endlessly lovely and sentimental mother (@mariannefink) and grandmother (@pat.fink)- I had fallen in love with a much smaller piece of the Aries ram and constellation a few months prior at @belfryoddities (one of my favorite places on the planet and a place I will miss very much) and due to how wonderful all of the pieces were, someone snagged it before they could acquire it as a gift. Thus, a larger piece was made and somehow is even more beautiful than the one I fell in love with. Their sentimentality has treated me to many gifts like this one that I will never part with and have every intention of passing along. More so than the tokens I will carry with me to bestow upon someone else, I hope to also pass along the sentimentality that I've been taught all of my life. I've known no greater love and authenticity than what I have in my life at this exact moment. Here's to another year, with love and tears (good ones)

Dinner dogs :-)


Today marks my last day at BANG. It's a bittersweet moment-- if you don't know it already, BANG has a very high concentration of magical humans that I love and adore. ADDTIONALLY, Seattle sucks and I'm movin' back to cornfed Ohio 💃🏻💃🏻

Sun chair gals by @drakemccomas

When you just know you'll romanticize a place forever

Nature's essence

I just have to share this cool dad with y'all real quick. He's one loud, skilled, talented, and rowdy man and I just love/adore him

It's a brisk 50° with a feels like of 46° so I'll just wear three jackets and play pretend I'm comfortable and warm

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