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Louie Nappi  Just a Guy.. his Girl and God. Jack of All Trades. Master at None... Just keep life fun. Mandy❤️ #JesusSaves Lounappi@icloud.com

To the only girl who can brighten up my day even if it's cloudy out. My #wcw love you @m.piccola #smile #beautiful #beauty #love #sexy

It's either the creepiest thing or the cutest thing that @m.piccola always starts randomly taking pictures of me Idk i guess she just lovess me THAT much, only when I'm coming back from the bathroom tho for some reason (weirdo) ...anyways I guess sometimes they're kinda cool. I do tend to dress pretty trendy. But more then that for me it's also a reminder when I see them of where I once was and how I once looked like a skinny walking raccoonic zombie..Sooo idk what can I say, this is what freedom from heroin looks like kids..HAPPPPYYYYY (dm me if anyone needs help with an addiction of any kind and I gotchu...I know a guy, his names Jesus, and I'll get you in touch with him👍🏼)

Momma's Bday Dinner. I love our little loving photoshoots. Love you Lots @m.piccola

Well mother you've officially reached the speed limit! Happy 55th Birthday to the toughest, hardest working woman I know. There is no one on this planet that has ever came close to doing more for me then you. Even at my lowest of lows you never gave up on me and never stopped praying for me and I can never thank you enough for that. Even tho we're both soo alike and we're sometimes rough with one another we both know it's how we show love to each other! Maybe in your golden years we'll learn to relax more as a family! I love you @joannenappi ❤️

Great loving day with my Great loving Gal @m.piccola

Better late then never ..happy #wcw to the only girl I can randomly snap a picture of (because I find her so adorable in that moment) and that picture turns out to be a perfect model shot 😍... my little photogenic princess @m.piccola

Trying to stay loose as I approach my ripe old age of 28. Skatings a great way to keep the joints lubricated and remain active...it's also a great way to break your neck like I almost did on the 100 videos I tried recording before I finally got a decent run on the pipe

Cuz you gotta take the typical walking down the stoop that isn't yours while pretending to be on the phone trying act cool picture while your in the city

The Amazing people I'm blessed everyday to call... My Family #family #familyfirst I Love you guys

Had an awesome 4th of July weekend with you babe...your the only girl who can make me smile the cheesiest smile ever no matter where we are n that's why I love you, happy #wcw @m.piccola

It's that time of the week again! My #wcw (love this day) however I'm not quite sure what sticks out more in this picture..the love we share for one another orrrr my giant Italian schnoz! Thanks for loving me no matter what kid @m.piccola love you ❤️ #love #lovelife #couplegoals #couple #wifey

Workout of the day: Similar to the Miyagi "wax on wax off" this double grouted method really provides a complete upper body stretch targeting mostly the upper latissimus dorsi/ trapezius and deltoid muscles, as well as improving concentration patience and hand eye coordination. #workout #tiles #construction #movement #healthylifestyle #work #allday #active #health #enjoy #fun #tools

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