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Dr. Honey & Mr. Hops
8%abv IPA
Seven Stills Brewery

Hoppy, but sweet. Or, is it hoppy AND sweet? Make up your mind Doctor Honey! Or, my mistake, Mister Hops.

Continental Drift
5.5%abv 25ibu Pilsner
Alvarado Street/Creature Comforts

Contains No Juice
8.5%abv 55ibu DIPA
Alvarado Street Brewery

A play on the fact that "juicy" is an overused description in this new hazy IPA fad, also poking fun at all the synthetic liquids we put in our bodies that are artificially flavored. That's why I am on the cleanse detox diet. I basically take vegetables that I'm too fucking lazy to chew on my own (and also obviously taste like yard clippings) and puree them all into a green obnoxious liquid that I drink in front of people all day so they know that I'm healthy and care about my body and local farms. Just kidding. I eat pizza and nuggets all day washed down with beer.

6.8%abv 65ibu NEipa
Old Nation Brewing

I looked up M-43, and this obv is a reference to some freeway, but more search findings were about tanks. Makes sense. I was tanked after drinking this hazy juice bomb, or should I say, juice mortar.

Florida IPA
6.7%abv IPA?
Green Bench Brewing

Sour. If I had this beer not reading anything, I'd have definitely labeled it sour. Still a good beer, would like to try other beers in this style.

Jungle Double Crush
8.5%abv 70ibu DIPA
Moonraker Brewing

Fruity IPA. I'm guessing that's why it's "jungle." My old roommate in college made jungle juice. He basically bought all the bottom shelf fruity liquors and dumped them in a trash can with ice and sliced fruit. Then served it to everyone like fruit punch with a ladel.

What We Do:
Who We Are

5.7%abv 38ibu
Cellarmaker Brewing

Those waking up from an Aroma Coma go through

Aroma Therapy
11.3%abv 100ibu
Drake's Brewing Company

The flowers are of no use, nurse. He can't smell for the life of him. Diagnosis: Aroma Coma

8%abv 75ibu IPA
Drakes Brewing Company

Hop Mix Volume 1
6.5%abv IPA
Alpha Acid/EJ Phair/Hop Dogma

Juicy got ' hazy. Got 'em hazy. Got 'em hazy. Juicy.

Set 'em Wild, Set 'em Free
4%abv Berliner-style Weiss
Woodland Empire

Duane's World! Duane's World! Party Time! Excellent!

7.1%abv 55ibu IPA
Alvarado Street Brewery

Drinkable. Sessionable. Quaffable. Solid. Delicious. Tasty. 4.2934/5.0000

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