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Louie 🐾  🐶Hello! I'm Louie 🐾Born: 2017.04.09 🎾 Living in Brisbane, Australia 🇦🇺 Red Toy Poodle 🐩こんにちは☀️ルイです🌺オーストラリアのブリスベンに住んでます🌈

So yesterday, I had a hard-boiled egg 🥚 for breakfast and we headed to Noosa! 🌊🏖 I don’t like getting wet but I can’t resist it if there’re other pups jumping in!😁

Look at my messy face!😝 It’s my owner’s birthday and we’re staying at a cabin for one night ⛰🌲 Our first family trip😊❤️#amamoorhomestead

My owners are so mean!😡 I keep asking for treats but they don’t give me any because I’m not eating my normal food! It’s not fair!!😤 #spoileddog #whoraisedyou

I was invited to @nessy.d & @reetys ‘s engagement party 🎉💑🎈 I had sooooo much fun with lovely people & doggies❤️ Congratulations & thank you for having me! 🐾 #sensaiengagement

Can’t believe it’s been a year since we went to @teneriffefestival ! Lots of food & lots of pats🍟☺️🖐🏻 It was so much fun❤️

It’s not easy being naughty everyday 😎⚡️#mustdestroy

How was your weekend? I couldn’t sleep on Saturday night because my owners set up a bread maker 🍞🥖 and the kneading sound bothered me😤 So I pretty much slept all day on Sunday💤 At least they gave me some fresh bread 😋 #lazysunday

This is my new cardigan. My owner doesn’t agree with me, but I say it’s mine. So it’s mine😤 #mine

Boop👆🐶 #buttonnose

Went to @barksandbrewsau for the first time!🐶 I got some lamb puffs from @trick4treats and saw lots of dog friends❤️ Every weekend should be like this 😁🙌

Happy Friday friends! 🙌🎈This weekend is gonna be lots of fun! Who’s going to @barksandbrewsau this Sunday?

Can’t believe it’s still Wednesday 😞 I need my weekend right now...

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