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Hapi the God of the Nile flooding has huge breasts and a pregnant belly to show that he is a fertile God. There was a huge festival in his honor when the Nile would flood and bring with it mineral rich silt to help the farmers in pregnant the land with crops

Oh man craft time show
Staring zack as chris mcgrath

Life be like maleficent .
I be like the baby.

Just got from Texas
I feel the freedom all around me now.
Tell me how you feel
Write to me!
I want to hear from you!

4 years with this little clown.
Love you forever and ever

Texas court house
In life there is an ebb a flow and in each change there are seeds of the opposite to come.
Balance in not understanding this but ridding the unfolding as it comes. Learning the lessons life gives you then moving onwards to the next. This is the playfulness of the the mystery I know as the the way.

People of van horn
Out here is is no question of what to do you only do. Because in nothing can't you find everything?

El Paso baby! Hopin to find the key to chains!

Pulling that forever clown cart.

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