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  ~100% Handmade and Burned wood boxes for sneaker display and storage. Email: [email protected] Comment on a pic after doing so. Prices vary as well.


Looking for someone who does graphic design who can manipulate this image into a
cartoonish type pic. If you do it please tag me in your pics or tag someone here that does. Or tag me on their pics. Please and thank you.
*i need the faces changed to look like two different people. I think that's where the graphic design would come into play. Idk.

Anyone that can point me in the right direction of someone who reglues soles I'd greatly appreciate it. Please tag me on their post or tag them here. Also, please only tag them or me if they have done it plenty of times and are reputable. Thank you for your help as well.

Buy American. Build Union.

Not really a fan of all white kicks much anymore but can't turn down a $40 come up from Marshalls. Summer '17 kicks.

On this day in 1995, the greatest hip-hop band EVER, The Roots released "Do You Want More". I can still remember peeling this cover art sticker off the light Pole on Torresdale avenue here in philly, and putting it in the front of my binder for school. Great music is great music. And this embodies that.

Hahahaha Hahaha #fuckdallas

How we honed our skills back in the day after we broke the movable official net. Basketball crates all day. Shit the one neighbor even cut the front so we would stop playing so late at night. Haha @ukennn don't want any work though! (Don't mind it looking like a kidnapping dungeon. Idk who's place this even is 😂😂😂)

So this is really happening!?!? Honestly can't wait to see what they came up with. Hope they didn't OD on the designs and accents.
And shout to @slangwerks for the dope photo too. Make sure to check him out.

For sale.
Jordan 5 Tokyo. Sz10
Og all including hang tag.
Wore 1x 9.9/10. $2700 obo

When you find a blank sign at the Mummers parade and can't let it go to waste.
#oal #rusty

I hope any official who batted for the BSL ban in Montreal loses the hand they write with. Seriously. #fuckmontreal #pitbullslivesmatter

This was a sad day. Anyone know someone who's legit that does sole swaps and restorations. Preferably someone who's done Warhawks before? Or good enough to do them right. Please tag them below or tag me in their pics please.