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Nick Hudson  BMW E30🚘 /Subaru Outback Access/ Security/ IP Camera Systems Happily Enjoying Life with @sarah_ann1017 😘

My two favorite things right now. I love you! #happyfriday #happywife #happylife @sarah_ann1017 #evocraftbrewery #Salisbury

Finally chose to invest in some new cordless drills for work. I wanted something with good torque, decent battery life with the option of bigger packs, and lighting for those darker spaces, all while keeping it small enough to work on electronics and tight cabinet spaces. I went with the #Bosch 12v EC brushless. Stoked to test these out today. #workflow

Finally got my #MB2 Meter Bag from #vetopropac. Super stoked that it connects to the side of the Tech Pac.

I don't even give a shit that it's Valentine's Day. Over the last two years I've been in some of the worst places, had some of the hardest challenges of my life, and deserted by most of my family. So thankful and blessed to be with such a loving, hard-working, accepting, and patient, woman. I don't know where I'd be today without you. I love you so much sweetie. Happy Valentine's day!

Sunday afternoon day drinking, organizing my shit for tomorrow. #techlife #vetopropac #veto #techpac #klein #wiha @vetopropac @klein_tools

Probably be doing more of these

Pocket dump:
Feild Notes memo book
18650 batteries
Farpointe Data proxy card
HID proxy fob
Microfiber lens cloth
Shortie micro USB cable
Burt's Bees mango
Stainless steel 3" keyring
Gib's Black Cognac Beard balm
GoPro Hero
Dockers wallet
Klein model 614: 3, 4, 6.
Black Sharpie
Leatherman MUT multitool
Humble Crumble e-juice
Switch Mod V2 in copper
Brunton 9000mah battery backup

Yes, this all fits in my pockets. Lol.

#edc #pocketdump #techlife #everydaycarry

Just incase anyone was wondering, this woman has stolen my heart, and I don't want it back. She is every peice my life was missing. I'm so glad I have her to spend my days with. I love you so much @sarah_ann1017 !!!

Babe whipping up the grub! I love you sweetie!

Happy birthday sweetheart! I love you so much. I hope you had a great day! Thanks everyone for coming out for putt-putt!

Embracing this cold weather by jamming jammy jams, playing video games, and riding the couch with a warm blanket. We're still children. I'm cool with it.

😘😘😘 @sarah_ann1017

Happy #nationalgirlfriendday to the love of my life. You drive me fucking crazy sometimes, but I've never been so loved before and I don't wanna do this adulting shit with anyone else but you. Thanks for being your dope-ass self! Hope you had a great day babe. I love you!

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