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Gnarly Manson🌹  I've read Bill Clinton's autobiography more times than I've read the Bible. "Legend of the Black Crane"

"But I don't wanna give a trucker a handjob"

Legend Of The Black Crane
6 Song EP
Coming soon ∆

📷: @avatrevino2

I’m not an On time kind of guy. But this girl right here, bruh damn! This is the dopest thot on the planet and now she’s 18 and a day! she won’t let me take pics of her so enjoy these few but this bitch is dope. Happy birthday, you lovely cunt.

Person’s best friend.
- 📷: @hanna.harlor

March of the Ganguins

“Rise” “Risen”
📷: @j_yute

Holy $#¡+
🤙🏾 📷: @zoe_douglasss

I’m as far out as Jupiter, man.✌🏾🚀

Happy birthday you fucking goat. #DanRomerIsFree 🔫🔫

The cold is hell but we cold as hell

"Cos I'm not getting any younger. My lungs get blacker every day"

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