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Christian Louboutin  Spring Awakening


Slam dunk. Inspired by 90’s basketball shoes, Loubikick Cotton sports a multicoloured leather mix and Tissu BouBou trim that goes straight for the championship. #LouboutinHomme

Time to kick it! Loubikick is changing the game with an electric mix of materials that throws the competition off their guard. #LouboutinHomme

All eyes on Pik Boat. #LouboutinHomme

Mad for Madcarina!

Audacious Venecage seduces with a cut-out floral motif that’s more Venus Fly Trap than Bird of Paradise.

Kaleifra Flat is on the prowl.

Well-equipped. Ranger boot Safacroc Flat handles any terrain in style. #LouboutinHomme

Catch her if you can! Kaleikita’s ornate, colourful geometric straps defy capture.

The sound of desire. Tornade Blonde is a melodic composition of red rose submerged in a bed of sweet violet and cassis. #BeauteLouboutin

Strike a chord. Bikini Questa Sera echoes the heat and intensity of a steamy summer night, with notes of jasmine and tuberose. #BeauteLouboutin

A harmonic experience. Trouble in Heaven bursts with notes of iris, patchouli, and tonka absolut anchored by a sensual oriental amber that resonates on skin. #BeauteLouboutin

Jumping jack flash! Zerlisixty and Vero Dodat clutch bring on the spirit of spring. 📷@caspersejersenstudio

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