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You have to be satisfied to be satisfied 😏

Shooooo cyoooooooot 🙊😢

♡ As the ocean "waves", the universe "peoples" ♡

Feels good to feel good.The better it gets, the better it gets, the better it gets ♡ Nothing beats alignment with your infinite being 😌
Being unaligned time to time is so OK and it is this very contrast that makes it all the more richer when you eventually lean back into alignment & flow state 🌊🌌💖

Expectation is a powerful thing ♡

Can't get over how cute this is 😍 Gifted by a dear friend ♡ It's a wonderful visual reminder to always live with gratitude... I'm so grateful my life is abundant with incredible soul mates & deep heart to heart connections xox

Life is whatever I claim it is...


☆This magical being was born out of my needle felting hands on the weekend... Twas my first time to work with the needle but I was absolutley entranced by this craft ♡ My hands remembered...
She powerfully channelled through the deer medicine & within her belly she carries medicine of: rosemary, flowers, owl feather, shells, crystal, seaweed, salmon bones from Canada & desert sand from Joshua Tree.
She's adorned with treasures from my travels: a celtic deer pendant I got at an Irish festival & her belt is a bead necklace I made with a shaman's wife in Colombia... The spiral is the vision I saw that is the start of creation♡

Thanks to the amazing Julia of @sacredfamiliar for her Winter Soltice Doll making Workshop... Her spirit dolls are beyond magical ♡☆
#needlefelting #dollmaking #spiritdolls

Ummm yea ♡
A mountain of dutch pancakes smothered in vegan nutella, maple cashew butter, candied pecans & berry compote enjoyed at The Merri Clan...

♡All is well with the soothing sounds of Bob Ross♡

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