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charlotte nguyen 🌿  meditation ☁️ tea 🍃 community ✊ healing the world from the inside out 🌎 ↓join my online meditation program! {“awakening change” 2018}↓

“Rooted Love” 🌕 3.9.18

it’s an emotion. an intention. a declaration. to be rooted is to say “i belong here.” it’s an essence which knows, “i fiercely deserve to exist.”

last week, we held space for this expression of rootedness through a night of storytelling & cultural resistance ✊ deep bows of gratitude to everyone who shared this intimate container with us! it felt amazing to guide 100 of you into a powerful breath work practice and compassion meditation! we hope that you’ve been dreaming in melodies & breathing deeply since 🌙💛

@jinjabrew - i celebrate you for freeing your heart open on that stage! thank you for telling us what demands to be known. for saying YES to your wild visions 👁, and weaving the path for every creator who dares to do the same. i love you wildly.

may all that has been uprooted be restored 🌳 may we remember who we are, and may that remembrance bring us peace, healing and redemption.

photography by @farawrsu 🌕

Sometimes there are no words. Sometimes words are not enough - we can talk and talk and talk with no resolution. In those times, creative expression becomes imperative. I do this through movement - discharge the imprint of stress, fear, pain, anger, and pleasure; restore balance to my brain, body, and nervous system. You see, everything we experience is felt by the body, especially traumatic experiences that we don't have the words or the capacity to process. In the words of Bessel van der Kolk, "the body keeps the score." 💗 #dancemovementtherapy 📷: @kanyaiwana
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the wounded mother is healing 🌿// the divine feminine is rising 🌞 // can you feel it? ✨✨for the sisterhood that so many of you have gifted me and the inspiration of feminine elders who have shown me the way: happy us day! i hope i've made you proud! 💕👐💕// image + inspiration by my sister visionary @lalahdelia 🌸🌸🌸#internationalwomensday #iwd

TRUE QUEENS FIX EACH OTHER'S CROWNS 👑👑👑 One of the biggest shifts I’ve made that’s changed my life and set me free is releasing all notions of comparison & competition with other women. I love uplifting my sisters, seeing them WIN and powerfully claim their worthiness!! 👏💞✨ Sisterhood is a celebration, not a competition. An emerald cannot outshine a ruby - they were meant to shine at their own unique frequency! 💎
✨Throwback to this dreamy photoshoot with @magaofgaia + @sparrowlorine where we kept each other warm, shouted affirmations from behind the camera, and fixed each other’s crowns! 👑💞🌿
Who’s a sister that you love to see radiating their epic magic? ✨Tag them here and spread the collective shine! 👇✨💐 Tenderness captured by @thewell_multimedia 📷#womenshistorymonth

I'm so grateful to be living a life where I get to be creatively alive! 💛
Next FRIDAY, I'm collaborating w/ @jinjabrew (one of my closest friends & trusted confidants in this life) and a collective of artists, storytellers and disrupters to bring you this creatively courageous experience!
During this performance, my intention is to create a safe space for the healing process to occur 💛. As different artists channel and perform their pieces, I will hold space through breath work and guided meditation for you to go inward and process the stories, realities, and humanity being reflected back to you 🙏
My muses, guides, and ancestors have been moving through me SO much as I’ve readied my body, heart and spirit for this profound container!!! ✨✨TRUST ME, you don’t want to miss this!!! 💛💛To grab your seat (space is very limited), follow the link in bio *HERE* >>> @jinjabrew <<<.
A sensory-inspired night of visual, musical and oral storytelling. Presented by Jinjabrew in collaboration with local artists and cultural workers, this performance exists in the form of original music, poetry, live painting and meditative ceremony.
These works of art offer a deep and reverent contemplation on the relationship between our identities, our memories, our sense of belonging, and the ancestral wounds we inherit.
By making peace with our pain and acknowledging the diverging aspects of our cultural traditions, this journey is dedicated to tuning in with the vibration of love and healing the bondages that will allow us to renew and reclaim the roots of our being.
Contributing artists:
Olufemi Taiwo

My friends tell me quite often that I am very hard on myself - and I totally have been! I used to live so care-free and always overflow from the heart but somewhere along my journey, I got a lot more serious. A lot of this came with my deepening into my spiritual journey where I made self-honesty, confronting oppression, and emotional healing some of my top priorities. Bless that, AND now I see that ecstatic joy is one of the most important states for our health! 🤗💕✨ I left behind a lot of my silliness, adventurousness, and bliss - I reclaim it here NOW! ☺️ P.S. it always helps to be in magical Santa Fe with one of your most cherished childhood friends 💗 @tashadavani

✨beautiful morning, you're the sun in my morning babe ✨grateful to have opened my eyes to this dream today 🌞🌵

Feeling weary? Lean on me. I have faith in you. In you is glory. In you is beauty. In you is peace and the power to transform the world.

Photo by @thewell_multimedia 🌿

It truly is difficult to leave a place where kindness is so freely given.
A place where two people can crash into another on the street, laugh about it, bow, then take off. Where that same bow and a smile is the universal language, no matter what it is you need to say. Where walking alone at 12 midnight feels just as safe as 12 noon. A place that makes you feel the most connected you’ve ever felt, even when you’re utterly and completely off the grid.
This has been and will always be one of the most humbling and extraordinary places in the world to me and I will miss her tremendously 💕🌿✨⛰.
Bowing and smiling,

Morning meditation these days mean bike rides underneath the biggest sky I have ever known ⛰🌿⛅️

how this lotus feels about $2 meals and daily 💆🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♀️💕💕

Maybe it’s the way this sun’s got my skin glowing or the magic this humidity’s doing to my hair, but being back in Southeast Asia has me feeling really...BEAUTIFUL!! 🌸 I’ve never loved myself + my physicality more than I do at this exact moment, here in my ancestral homeland!!! What if by simply drinking her waters, breathing her air, and walking my feet upon her soil...my body is REMEMBERING who she is 🌱?

You see my parents are war refugees from Vietnam, and as I am now SEEING + FEELING this land and how interdependent the people are with it, I think about the disruption, intrusion and CHAOS that war, militarization, and displacement must have had on my family + their physical bodies 💔. Harvesting + eating coconuts from the tree each morning, walking through the countryside on the way to school, washing yourself in the trickling waters of a local stream...and overnight being transplanted to foreign lands made of machine + concrete. I know that I’ve inherited much of this same confusion + trauma in my own body inter-generationally. For years, I battled w/ body dysphoria + eating disorders. I was at WAR with my body.

But today, bathing in these rivers, I was REMEMBERING! 🌊 I was receiving information in my body + in parts of myself I didn't know existed! A passionate flood came alive in me, reminding me that the same water that stirs these tides, shapes mountains and moves continents lives WITHIN me💧quietly + humbly...when I scour the depths of me to remember that I am made of the Earth, that is when I FEEL beauty coursing through my body, my senses, my soul. I love how my skin GLISTENS in the sun 🌞how the shape of my almond eyes curve towards the SKY ☁️how my hair winds + curves like the branches in a bamboo forest 🌿.

Ahhh thank you for listening to me ☺️ I love sharing + just flowing from the heart! It's so much FUN not to have anything planned, to let loose any agenda + process with you all here! Reminding you now that the path of Beauty means seeing ALL through the eyes of unconditional love,therefore seeing beauty in ALL things! Free yourself by choosing (yes, choosing) that the path of Beauty is yours to follow 💗

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