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Thank you for my delicious dinner it was amazing. 😘💕. @chris11chris


This pic is actually. Older than 10 years. But my God time flies.

HappyBirthday @_jeremymatos 😘💕💕💕💕

25 years ago “A Star was born”This is not a ‘Bronx Tale.”Although he wasn’t born In An ‘Ice Age.’ It sure was a “Close Encounter”. I Truly was “Moonstruck”. 🌕⭐️💫. I Love You @_jeremymatos Hope you Have an Amazing Day ♥️♥️

Italian Wedding Soup on a Rainy Day ☂️☔️

My beautiful niece. Who just found out she is expecting a baby Sister. ITS A GIRL. YAY.

My familia must think the world is ending. 🤣🤣

Rolling in to work to this Joint. 💜🔥🔥

Who can say they’ve been touched by an Angel