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Mi amigos

What a weekend 👋🏻💕

Yeah so I snuck in 3 rides this week... Who am I? What day is it? And Where the hell did all this washing come from? But seriously. 3. Rides. Three. Good work team 💪🏻👶🏻 🚲💕

Today I blew my nose into my hand and wiped it on my leg resulting in at least 20 percent more power. True story. But seriously I missed out on the snot rocket ability gene and it basically inhibits my ability to you know ... breathe and shit. So if you see me out on the bike with a box of Kleenex strapped to my downtube then you know why ... #ladylike #snotserious #boogieknees

The other Bae|bies

L u s h

Dad took G for a walk this morning and I got to ride my bike for the first time in a fortnight. Yep. 2 whole weeks. Not through lack of trying though other factors came into play - ie : it was one million degrees in the shade lastweek, I spent my days driving to open inspections, keeping the kid alive and eating a balanced colour diet of zooper doopers. Was nice to resume normal programming, the last time I rode up gorge I made it to the first vehicle turnout and had to sit down for 10 minutes & eat my cliffy, drink mine & Jeffo 's water bottle, send a text to shaun to say I was dying and about to pass out. Yeah. I've come a long way from that ride. And yeah I stopped a little heading up to the resovoir today to have a drink, but so what I'm not out there to nail myself completely on the first ride back... I just enjoyed every minute of me time!

Forever a struggle - the curse that is go go gadget arms.

The greatest view from here

Current state - G A S S E D 😩 arvo nap scheduled to start ASAP