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Akubudokwu Ifeobu 

By Atsushi Koyama. I saw this oil painting and was so struck by it. So intricate with a lot going on but everything blends so perfectly.

Brent Faiyaz too

Biggest mistake you could actually make in your life would be to sleep on Suté or Tay. Hands down two of the most talented Nigerian artistes. Lyrically, vocally & production-wise. Stay woke.

who is the internet anyway

front camera 🤙🏾

i'm in the mood to talk to an open-minded individual about my unconventional thoughts and beliefs. and i don't want it one-sided. i want to hear theirs too. their idiosyncrasies. doesn't have to be a long conversation; i just want something interesting for the evening. the weirder; the more controversial; the more outrageous, the better.

hopefully my last mirror selfie of the year


should've stayed in canada

might frame this

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