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AY y'all, this is part one of my short story, I might continue it I might not but idk 🌚
It was a ghastly, gloomy afternoon. Winter had been around for some while now. Although, it was uncertain, whether the winter you and Sania are individually familiar with, were of comparative nature or not. For you, it must have most likely consisted of ice cold evenings, wrapped up in blankets sat by the warm fire, spending away the days running up to the festive season with loved ones. But for Sania, winter could have easily been referred to, as a season of tragic episodes that seemed like a dark apocalyptic tunnel with light nowhere to be seen, nowhere to be reached, and nowhere to be experienced.
Sania sat on her bed, her arms leaning on the window sill, her legs folded. She was free now. But why was it that this freedom seemed so suffocating? Months had gone by but the echoes of her past still haunted the valves of her heart and the hair on her arms still stood up as if it was her past that still had a control over her and her mind. She looked out the window, observing each soul walking by. She often tried doing the same, but why was it so much harder than others made it seem? She would often leave her window open, close her eyes, and allow her face to feel the breeze escaping from the chilly weather outside of her bedroom window. She knew she was free to roam outside, without the barriers of her past stopping her, but it was the thought of the public, the thought of the staring eyes on her as she stepped afoot outside that shivered her insides; that put her off completely. Ironic if you must, that in a way, her past was still controlling her although without official barriers.
A knock on her bedroom door stopped her in her thinking tracks; it was her brother, Ismail. He came in to her bedroom and took a seat opposite her on the chair adjacent to her desk. He sat in silence for two minutes. He observed her face, her eyes had become extremely tired, even more so than before. Almost as though her eyes were beholding a story that was fraying with each blink, a story she was too scared to share, a story she would probably be better without. (Continued in comments)

last one for a while, need to work on my book lols x
"I remember those fragile winter nights when darkness seemed like my only friend. But I remember you feeling the same. I remember you telling me you were afraid. I let you place your sorrow in my arms as I engulfed your pain and pushed my own aside. I remember trying to do all I can to make you happy. I remember the way my heart felt warm as the smile you'd previously lost had begun to form upon your gentle lips. I remember feeling like I had a purpose, when the sound of your laughter echoed ever so generously in my yearning ears. I remember taking your pain and making it mine. I remember feeling the same pain you did. I remember. But I also remember the way you smiled when you saw her. I hadn't seen you smile like that before.
And that's when I knew. I'd given my all to you but it clearly wasn't enough." - lostinthedunya

Don't dwell over the could-have-beens or the what-ifs, because if it was truly meant to be it wouldn't have left you this way. It wouldn't have left you broken hearted. It wouldn't have left you incapable of loving yourself. It was toxic. And toxic waves have to exit somehow, someway right? It's over now. So stop letting them get to you so much. Stop allowing their memories to tear apart the pieces of your heart you have left. Stop breaking your heart over someone who isn't capable of fixing it. - lostinthedunya✨❤

i hope someday the tears you shed
late at night,
turn into a spiral of smiles you can't
seem to hold back.
i hope someday the tremble in your
voice, as you answer the question:
"are you okay?"
- becomes extinct,
as your tongue feels lighter
and happiness rolls of the tip.
i hope someday happiness reaches
your embrace,
and rids you of the loneliness
you've been holding so close
to your chest.
i hope someday you receive the
happiness your heart has been
yearning for. - lostinthedunya

And it could be that Allah removed them from your life, so that you may begin to understand, you are worthy of the love you so wholeheartedly gave them. You are worthy of the care you invested in them. If losing someone, meant that you could find yourself, then darling it's not a loss. Sometimes we learn to love ourselves in the weirdest of ways. Sometimes it takes losing people, for us to realise all that we could be working on to better ourselves. ✨❤

do u ever just have this anger building inside you and you want to go to the middle of nowhere and scream as loud as you can bc it sucks holding it all in lol I'm not mental I promise, or am I?😆🤔


look at her when she's silent
don't believe her words
look into her eyes
read the pain in her pupils
she's hiding it all away
don't let her get away
don't let her get away
without you showing that you care
that you care enough to not believe her empty words
that you care enough to be there
even when she cannot be there for herself.
don't let her get away,
without showing her
that you care. - lostinthedunya
lols idk what this caption is I just thought of it rn but ye

The Hour is Near by Ibrahim Jabbar. / @p.urplepills

So often, when we're sent trials we become so consumed within the pain that comes with it, that we become lost in our pain. We become lost in trying to maintain our mental well-being and trying to fix things that have brought us to that very pinpoint in life. We almost forget that everything is pre-determined. That the pain we're feeling right now; it was written thousands of years before we were born. Of course this doesn't mean that you should stop fighting, but whilst fighting don't forget to look in the right place. Know that it's all just a pathway.
A pathway to seeking Allah. A pathway that'll also lead us to our future selves. Think of it like this. The trials you've been through in the past, the things you've gone through so far; if you hadn't, would you be who you are in this moment of time? Would you have gained those skills it granted you? Would you have gained those crucial life lessons it's taught you? You see it's planned. Just like the pain you're feeling right now. It's all planned. And it's going to be okay. Because this pain wasn't sent to torture you. It wasn't sent to destroy you. It was sent to strengthen you. It was sent by the One who loves you more than your own parents do. It was sent so that you may seek that which has always sought you: Allah. And the closer you grow to Allah, the more you'll know - every single thing was meant to send you to that prayer mat, with your head placed on the ground and your heart echoing Allah's name. It was always meant to be this way.
Always. - lostinthedunya ❤

I'm so tired of all this hate against Muslims, but tbh the more you explain it to the ignorant - the more they'll fight against it. They won't get it. So just stop explaining yourselves, stop apologising for the acts of idiots that do things in the name of Islam - and continue to work on yourselves. It's still Ramadan. Continue praying. Continue dhikr. Pray for those who need our prayers.

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