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🌚  انه مكتوب


open up your arms
and hold me tight
don't let my hands
depart from yours
grasp onto them with
all the force you behold
let us be one
let us be together
for what am I without you
for what are you without I?
we are but two lovers
lost in the idea that happiness
is found in the other.
so let it be this way.
for happiness for me,
isn't as easy as
it is with you.
for happiness for you,
isn't as easy as
it is with I.
so why are we fighting
why are we fighting
something that was
meant to be.
- lostinthedunya

maybe it was the way you believed in me when I couldn't believe in myself,
the way you gathered petals of strength and placed them in every weakness I ever beheld,
maybe it was the way you enticed me with courage when hopelessness seemed to fill me up,
the way you held my hands and pulled me up from all that was dragging me down,
maybe it was the ways in which you did things that left me so heart-struck,
cause maybe a part of me thought if you were so caring, you can't be anything but that.
but I was wrong.
oh how wrong I was. - lostinthedunya

no, you don't need to break her this way.
even if she chose to stay.
no, you don't get to take your anger out on her,
you don't get to consume her happiness like she's a bottle of liquor.
she doesn't deserve the wrath of your despair,
she doesn't deserve the cold hard stare.
no, she isn't the issue,
so she doesn't deserve to be victim to your heartless spew.
you don't get to hurt her,
you don't get to hurt the only person that cares enough to pray for you,
you don't get to hurt the only person who is for you and only you.
no, you don't get to destroy her just because someone else destroyed you.
no. no. no. - lostinthedunya -
ps this moon almost looks as moody as me. emphasis on almost. 🌚

and with a heart full of grief
a soul aching to rely merely on belief,
a tongue forsaken of its speech
a mind exploding beyond reach,
eyes beseeched with tears,
i lay before you all that I've held in over the years.
i empty all that I've previously kept hidden,
all that's turned me insane and guilt ridden,
i plead for Your Mercy, i plead for Your love,
to set me free, like the wings of a dove. - lostinthedunya

grasp onto my hand
hold it tight
don't let it go
don't let me go
don't let me drift into this darkness again
don't let me drift away from you again
this heart has been tortured enough
it does not need the distance between
two lovers to break it further
it seeks comfort in you
just like the moon seeks solitude
in the darkness of the night
it needs you
don't let it go
don't let it drift
don't let it drift away again. - lostinthedunya


Ramadan is nearly over, sigh adonbelivit

I iz back

maybe it's easier to channel my positive energy into others, maybe it's easier to make others happy, maybe it's easier that way. because I've never really been good at making myself happy.

obviously I'm talking about bob the builder and his new found love

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