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Vikas Gupta 

No matter how slow or fast, crossing the finish line is memorable. And we Ran 5 Kms .. #Nike #Run #BhaagBasanti #NRCMUMBAI #WERUNMUMBAI @theanshumanmalhotra @krissannb @yuv_thehuman @abhilashkumar @sanayapithawala

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” the world is too full to talk about.” “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

There is this one show that comes and blows your mind away not just by the content that's it is but also the sensitivity it's is made with . It's loved by people and the peers . Congratulations and Thankyou for nailing a series like this so that more people will have the courage to tell stories like this @ektaravikapoor @nimratofficial @altbalaji

Here it is . One of the biggest dreams that @princenarula had was to sing for his fans . He made it happen . It's inspiring for everyone to see a boy who started with nothing and has managed to fulfill his dreams with sheer hard work and positivity . Always with you and @yuvikachaudhary . #hellohello #theSummerSong #callertune #cantwait

What a memorable night . Thankyou everyone for coming and making it special .#BirthdayNight #happypeoplesquad #Lastyearin20 #MakeItSpecial #Lostboy #Barrell #mumbailife

Super excited to back home to My new partner in Bed for a sound sleep . Thankyou Poorna for this one . It's special ... #PreBirthdayGifts #HarryPotter @poorniaditya

And as we part I have to say that I move on a little more damaged than I was but it was my choice to trust you and love you so your choice to take me for granted and lie is something I brought on myself . I won't loose dignity and self respect just to make you value, love and appreciate me . Yes you love ❤️ I know but not enough 😊Stay Blessed, Stay Happy, Stay the fuck out of my life 😘

Vote for the youngest and the most amazing dance Jodi this nach baliye . So vote now and whenever u see your friends family phones vote again 😉😉😉 only than u get to see Sanam and Abigail performing magic on nach stage again #nachbaliye8

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright . My First Encounter with the Tigers .... #TravelDiaries #TigerKingdom #Lostboys . What a memorable experience . Especially with the Tiger Cubs . They are hunters and they are wild .

@rohitsuchanti06 This is one of the best introductions I Have seen on Indian Television in a long time , hard work and patience always pays off . So Proud of you #LostBoys #Saathiya #Starplus. the little one makes one hell of an impact 👻👻👻

Okay ! This Personal Trainer will give loads of people #ProfessionalGoals 😂😂😂 #rohitreddygoa 🤣🤣watch till the end to believe it @kkundrra @siddharthhgupta @rohitreddygoa @theanshumanmalhotra I see the fascination of the gym and helping other people train

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