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Vikas Gupta  #Artist #StayWeirdStayUnique Twitter - lostboy54 For Events and collaboration Email : vikasguptalf@gmail.com 😊👉 https://youtu.be/xjfVrWyU5oM

The irony is that the video is called Heartless cause the video and the song is all ❤️This video made me smile and sad and than just smile again. @badboyshah your song was so beautifully telling and taking the story forward that I must have seen the video more than a dozen times by now, @aasthagill ❤️ and The Director @gurickkmaan 🙏 you bought the amazing 90 Magik back again . The beauty is in the simplicity. By far this is one of my favourite Music Videos this year #Badshah #Aasthagill #MusicVideo #one #Heartless P.S. Do not miss the entire video on YouTube https://youtu.be/Gv_XBMrPvRw 😊

Last day of this Journey ... not all of us are there but very proud of everyone who was in it and the ones who survived till the end . We know this one was a difficult one . Thankyou to the crew @endemolshineind @colorstv you have worked as hard and maybe more and people wouldn’t know how much of you guys is in this series as well . Thankyou all of you . what a memorable time .. we all have had. #KhaatiPeetiMaaf So here are the #Boys and the #Chikas with @itsrohitshetty Sir . Thankyou sir for correcting and always encouraging us to beat our fears and lot of aborts havnt happened cause you were there 🤪🤪 #Khatronkekhiladi #Argentina #khiladi #JiggerPetrigger 😉P.S. Thankyou for this .. what a learning experience this was . And I am finally learning swimming 😝😝

Happy Faces ... @varunsood12 😉 Why Is #Robin aka #Mithipoo @rohitsuchanti06 so serious 😂😂 is he missing #Adishakti

You are making everyone proud from your family to friends . The hard work , the determination you have put in . It’s all shining like GOLD today 😊 All the best ❤️ this weekend it is #Gold at a cinema near you . Do not forget to see India getting their first Gold and some Bengali Love 💖

Couldn’t click a pic with our National Flag but Happy Independence Day everyone 😊

You just made commitment comforting ❤️ @dirrty99 @officialhumansofbombay @i_ivin “I grew up with the same notion that family comes first. When I met my wife, and things got serious -- I knew I wanted to have a family with her… that’s something we both looked forward to.
Because of our hectic lives, we planned on having children through surrogacy. But in the meantime, when we visited St. Catherine’s orphanage, which housed around 300 children -- we thought ‘why not adopt?’ There are a lot of children out there that need a home. They explained to us the process, and we decided to go for it -- it was complicated. At one point, we thought we weren’t going to get her. There was a short time span when it broke our hearts -- it was a hard process emotionally and with the paperwork. But then, last year, when I was LA, going in for the surrogacy transfer is when I got the email by the government saying we’ve matched! Nisha was going to be our daughter! We were ecstatic! We prepared everything to go and bring her home.
That’s when I met my daughter for the first time. But it wasn’t like love at first sight. I was nervous in that situation. Doubts like ‘will I be a good enough father?’ or ‘will she ever connect with me?’ kept creeping up. It took about a month, but one day -- I walked in through the door, and she screamed ‘papa!’ running to me and grabbing my leg. I started crying -- that day my daughter finally recognized me as her father and I was the happiest. Since then on, we just have this funny connection -- I couldn’t go anywhere without her and she too became a papa fan. Even Sunny kept saying ‘it’s always papa papa.’ Making me secretly very happy.
Asher and Noah, our twins also finally came into our lives, and now I feel like my family is complete! I can do anything for them -- From waking up each morning and cooking everyone in the house breakfast to waking up in the middle of the night to make sure my babies are okay -- my world revolves around them.
And you know what’s funny? I never actually thought I’ll see my father in me someday-- you know, you want to be the ‘cooler’ parent and never want to be the ‘old one’ who is out of touch, like your parents wer

Last Night Madness : when I look at this pic , it almost looks like this pic is decade old . I look so different but that’s what I look now. I still am trying to figure out is it the weight loss or is it the emotional baggage loss or #Bigboss and #KhatronKeKhiladi or is it the company which makes you evolve back to a happy person . #Gratitude #vikasgupta #happiness #positivity #lostboys

What a proud feeling to see a story like this being told and feel even more amazing that it is coming on our @altbalaji .. it’s a golden time for storytellers to be able to tell the stories without waiting for a really big commercial star to be able to turn it into a film and television wouldn’t have been able to accommodate this family’s story cause of its own parameters . Thankyou @ektaravikapoor you take chances and you risk and it paves way for all of us . Not just because I love you but also because I love what you do and get inspired every time ❤️ waiting to come #Home on @altbalaji #altbalajioriginal #Annukapoor #Supriyapilgaonkar #HabibFaisal #stories #Family P.S. totally jealous of @amolparashar for continuously being part of such amazing body of work .

Everyone looks in one direction and somehow you always look where I am looking not cause that might be the way you want to go , it’s just that you like to look out for your friends . So you go the way they are heading. One of the strongest women I know , also the nicest . Happy birthday @panjabikamya . Your are all ❤️ I think you need to have some bit of 🧠 as well when it comes to emotions .. same pinch to me as well . 😝😝 May you get all the happiness and success and superb good health . 😊😊

Trying to do a French on me .. kinda got drenched 🤪 cause it was raining .... Bad Hair day #Majnu

A very Happy Birthday @sridevi.kapoor Maam . May you always be happy and smiling wherever you are 😊 Be rest assured for both your angels @janhvikapoor & @khushi05k you have left your fans, friends, family & above all you have left them with each other ❤️ they are each other’s biggest strength . You will continue to be with them and Us always . Your legacy will live forever 😊 #ImmortalSridevi #HappyBirthdaySridevi Maam P.S. Thankyou for the talk , I shall always cherish it . 😘 SWIPE LEFT

Jetlagged and how ... look what I found @krystledsouza .... when did we make this 🤪 #ItsaVideo

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