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The Game  I give everything but a fuck ! [snapchat: airthuggin] [twitter:@thegame] [facebook:thegame] [Xbox1: THE GAME] BE STUPID & GET BLOCKED

@theshoesurgeon I can’t wait to get my hands on these 🔥 thank you for killing it for me !!!! 1/1 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 #OneBlood 🐍

When I 1st seen the blogs posting bout offset, I felt like A-Wax in #Menace2Society “Not my nigga”..... then I seen that Cardi called it quits & talks of divorce start circling the net & I was like fuckkkkkk. 1, cause it’s a few couples out here that these young people really be rooting for.. for example: Hov & Bey, Savannah & Bron, Kobe & Vanessa, Melo & La La & as of late, Cardi & Offset. Yea I know, my nigga fucked up but we’re all human & trust me when I say... there are niggas out here doing wayyyyy worse shit to their girl than just entertaining a few hoes via texts. Now I don’t know all the dynamics between you two nor does anyone else on the internet, but what I do know is you guys look great together & with the marriage & addition of your beautiful baby girl... it’s only right you guys re-unite immediately for the good of you guys family unit. I feel like these days, relationships, the family environment of old is slowly fading away & you guys amongst others n the ones I named above serve as super dope examples for this new generation of growing couples to remain solid & really stay true to those wedding vows “TIL DEATH DO US PART”. Now these are only my thoughts & maybe I’m just rambling to some but I don’t care. I’m 100% positive all three of you guys will be happier this holiday season if you spend it in each other’s presence. Especially with it being your baby’s 1st Christmas. We all make mistakes... it is the men who learn & grow from them that become the old wise heads of big families in the future #HappyHolidays 🙏🏾

How I’m gone be lookin at food once this juice cleanse is over 😂😂😂 🥘🍤🥩🍗🥗

11am in calabasas. 30 min workout on my @onepeloton bike in @allymisslove’s hard ass class 🙄😂🚲... then 60 min arms & bi-ceps with @mdiazfitness for @60daysoffitness !!! Now to start the 2nd day of my @pressedjuicery juice cleanse... basically, I’m fuckin on one !!! Why wait til the new year to start doing what you can do now ?!?!? Go to 60daysoffitnesschallenge.com NOW & get the membership & workout plan that best suits you. Or you can just stay fat... God knows I love all my BBW’s ❤️ but remember, no matter what you do today, do it smiling 👌🏾 #60daysoffitness #peletoncycle #pressedjuicery

After reading the countless DM’s from my Canadian fans in Edmonton I am no longer going to perform @theranchroadhouse due to the negligent & heartless behavior by security & staff who did not follow “Pro-Serve” (serving alcohol) policies, that led to the death of Mohamed Abdi less than one month ago. After being kicked out while intoxicated & not in the right mind state, he froze to death & his lifeless cold body was found the next day under a truck where he sought shelter because of the freezing temperature. I’ve always been an artist that has deeply been appreciative to all of my fans worldwide & will always be indebted to you all for helping me secure my future as well as my legacy. With that being said, I stand in full support of my Edmonton fans & their petition & here as stated above, forfeit the money that was given & hereby withdraw myself from my performance at that venue. I made my decision without talking to my team which I will do this morning in hopes to secure another venue for the Edmonton show. If I cannot, then we will all have to sacrifice that night in Mohamed “Mo” Munye Abdi’s name as well as Tyler Emes who died a year before due to the same heartless negligent venue & its staff. #

Hey beautiful. It’s daddy again admiring your slayage lol @littlemisscali

Get em’ baby.... @kids.shot.by.kris 📸

Everything that I am is in this picture. #MyEntireLife #LordSaveMeInTheFuture 🙏🏾

I don’t know what I ever did to deserve you...but God knows I am more than appreciative. You’re so big now & just out here killin these shoots. Daddy loves you & I am overjoyed for you. @zurimodelandtalent @kids.shot.by.kris 📸

Had beef wit a nigga that could’ve ended in bloodshed either way. We had differences but when it all boiled down, we were once friends in & out of music. As young African American men we grew up in similar situations where a lifespan for us was 21 years of age & that is still the age in which most of us coming from where we come from think we’ll never make it to. I say all that to say, life is short & the day after @meekmill got out of jail, he called me & we talked for an hour.. not about the beef but about new beginnings & what the future holds for us as seasoned hip hop artists. That was a few months back & my nigga has done everything he said he would do in the conversation we had. Real nigga shit, I never wished jail on you & I was genuinely happy when you got released. I said it over the phone & I’ll say it again.. “Welcome Home” nigga.. #Championships I support it & everything else hip hop. #Growth #LoveIsLove

The bday festivities continue tonite.... That boy happy happy #Unbreakable

It’s the small things that count. Good lookin @raymontanadotcom @luxecannagars for the “El Juego” cannagars coming to a #TreesByGame dispensary soon.... & s/o @marcoso for the smooth addition #BirthdayDrip

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