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R O C K S T A R.

#Day21 “What she see when she when she look into that bathroom mirror bent over that sink & im behind her lmaooooo..... I’m just gone leave this here & gone bout my day. @60daysoffitness [sign up NOW at 60daysoffitnesschallenge.com or CLICK THE LINK in my bio] #60daysoffitness #SlimmingDownOnABihhhh #MoreDietThanGym @onseasonmeals @chefhart_ @chefangela.j #mealprep #imNotDoingThisAlone #TeamWork

My mother told me when I was a child “son, when you get into your 30’s you will start to see people around you wither away one at a time”. She also said, “it’s the most difficult to deal with when it’s someone you care about”. Just got word from a mutual friend that one of my close friends died today & as I sit here typing this I can’t even stop the tears from running. I come to you as I am. As we all are. Human, with the same emotions you have that are sometimes triggered at the most unexpected moments. Life is too short these days... we are dying a lot younger than the days of old. I wish peace to all & Tyler... I love you bro. Rest easy 🙏🏾 #TylerEvans

Good morning/afternoon good people of earth lol.... @60daysoffitness even on the weekends.... @oneseasonmeals wit a lil @chefangela.j to sauce it up is fuego af 🔥🔥🔥 [CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO or register today at 60daysoffitnesschallenge.com] #60daysoffitness

I want life to feel like this picture for all of y’all ! Morning young world.

My lil baby is no baby anymore 😩😩😩 ... who tryna go 1/2 lol #ikidikid

Wanted to post something yesterday but I was really at a loss for words. Yes, one day we’re all promised death but we don’t like to think that it’s actually going to happen. No matter how much I try to understand the reality of it, it’s pattern & ask the same questions over & over again.... I can never really grasp it the way I need to so I often just let the thoughts fade. And it isn’t until closely reminded by someone that you care about whether friend or family that you once again begin to question our entire existence. I say all that to say..... no matter how you spin it, it is a very painful thought & an even more unfathomable reality. The news I got yesterday of your very untimely demise really hit a spot old friend & although myself & your many fans are in disbelief... your family has to be broken. I just talked to you last week & like always it was comical but nonetheless enough to carry along with your memory as I live out the rest of my days on this earth. Thanks for always being true to yourself & those around you & others. I don’t cry often, but I shed many tears yesterday & sat alone staring at nothing thinking about you bro. You are an irreplaceable soul & I really enjoyed being your friend. All the love in the world goes out to your family & I hope the other side is as beautiful as we all believe. Life......... doesn’t end here for you Mac - your bro “Hoodie Game” as you would say in your Italian mob voice” 🙏🏾 #RestInParadiseMac

Day 8 might’ve been my hardest day so far wit the squad: my little brother @byrdseyeview9 & my trainer & homeboy @mdiazfitness compliments of @60daysoffitness !!!! Register today 60daysoffitnesschallenge.com or click the link in my bio & START NOW !!!! Fuck waiting for New Years... let’s get right !!! #60daysoffitness #TwinTowersAndTreeStump 😂😂😂 Congrats on the victory at the competition @mdiazfitness #StumpTook1stPlace 🏆

What it look like when I shoot my shot lol

#Day7 of 60 on my new @60daysoffitness challenge wit my lil bro, my kuzzo & @mdiazfitness #60daysoffitness fuck waitin til January 1st... put that work in & register now at 60daysoffitnesschallenge.com or CLICK THE LINK in my bio !!! 💪🏾 #FatWasFunButFuckThat #GreySweatPants

Tupac Tuesday’s in the gym today.... playlist was jammin... yea I said “jammin” lol #60DaysOfFitness [Register today at 60DaysOfFitnessChallenge.com or CLICK THE LINK in my bio] we gettin a head start on 2019 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 sidebar: NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS !!!!!!

Ain’t goin back & forth wit you niggas. @fashionnovamen fitted 🔥

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