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Carlos Gentilcore  Buenos Aires born, Long Island raised, and now Florida livin... dog owner and advocate...comic book and superhero enthusiast 🐶🦁♌️

Ok so I’ve put this off for a week to see how things went. This Abby who I rescued last Saturday from Halo a rescue located in Sebastian Florida. She’s a lil over a year old and damn does she have puppy energy. It’s been a while for me but trying to keep up. I let about a month pass since I lost Spot. The house seemed too quiet and life wasn’t the same without a dog. She’s coming out of her scared self. I hope a long and happy life with this angel. #adoptdontshop🐾 #furbabies

Ok so I bought this like four years ago and finally got it framed. It’s done by an artist in the UK J. D. Knight. He does amazing water color paintings. This is a copy of 20 that he sold on Etsy. Check him out, he goes by @jknightart here. Gotta love the Fett. #bobafett #starwarsgeek

So last night was the first night in idk how long that I walked in from work and didn’t see this angel on my bed. I would tug his little paw and he’d notice I was home. At first it was the acknowledgement of me being there and then the whining would start. Because he knew that since daddy was home it was time to go patrol the community and see what shit was popping. Man I miss my little guy. I hope your in puppy heaven running around with you sisters Daisy and Bella and annoying your big brother West. 🌈🐶

This is the last pic I’ll ever take with this love bug. This morning after our morning walk he collapsed due to a tumor bursting in his abdomen. His outcome was uncertain I had to make the hard decision to let him Jin his siblings over the rainbow. Because it was so sudden I’m still trying to process what my life will be like without my copilot. It’s been me and him for the last two years since his sister passed. 🐶😭🌈

I was up at 4 to work a 10 hour day and I can’t think of a better way for it to end than this right here

Xmas lights on steroids

Ok so I just sautéed these containers of spinach and it’s insane how much it shrinks. Yes shrinkage and we’re not talking laundry.

So after being told this summer that my cholesterol was double what it should be. My good cholesterol was nonexistent and the bad was astronomically high. Also being 25lbs to 30lbs over weight didn’t help. Since then I’ve dropped 15 lbs and joined a cross fitness place. Here’s to better living!

Forever his sleeping position and glued to my side

Via @impeachdonaldtrump here’s a man that sent 12k troops to save us from women and children. Now if he’d actually care about anyone but himself he’d sent them to help California with their wildfires. No he said it’s their fault and he’s gonna take money away from them

Had my first training session with Zach at @verostrength I hope this is the beginning healthy path

Ok this is sad and so true. Americans are one of the fattest people in the world. Between technology, fast food, and just sheer laziness I’m amazed it’s that high. Now I’m no physical specimen to look at but I can hold my own in exercising. Now they should apply this to the White House and see how it’s staff and private bone spurs fit these criteria. #fatasstrump

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