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Lorraine Pascale πŸ’–  Cakes and Weights! β€’TV chef UK/USA β€’ Proud Mummy β€’ Author & Government Fostering Ambassador β€’ Live your best life Paula@stormmanagement.com

πŸ’‹ T R O U B L E πŸ’‹ no selfies allowed in here but it was empty so I went for it. I've been intermittent fasting for the last month doing 16:8 a few times a week and eating quite a high protein, high fat and low-ish carb plan. I was Getting tired a lot and waking up at 3am rather than my usual 5am. Thanks to @lomaxpt we have now fine tuned my eating and my fasting windows are shorter 14:12 (fourteen hours) fasting and carb intake much higher which is great seeing as I'm a baker by trade and cakeology is my business. It's so important to speak to a doctor or other professional before launching into a new way of eating, I have to be so careful as when I did my baking show I used to put on about 14pounds and consequently now I watch what I am eating more carefully that and getting older of course. Right time to make some gains in my happy place. It's taken me most of my life to love the skin I'm in... and weights (and working on my mind of course) has had so much to do with it. Big love Lorraine xxx

πŸ’‹ B A K E πŸ’‹ from my book of the same name. Orange and lemon cake with honey. It's the weekend. Will you be getting your bake on? Big love Lorraine xxxx #cakesandweights #weighttraining #eatlivebalance #bakeandshare

😬 I N S O M N I A 😬 I don't sleep much at all. Maybe 5 hours... so I simply love this! Thanks to @fitnessmagazine for the inspo!! Tag a friend who might relate to this! Big love Lorraine xxx #weighttraining #cakesandweights #fitspo

πŸ™πŸΎC H I P S πŸ™πŸΎ And on the fifth day she face planted some chips and a steak just shy of the size of her head. The steak was great but my goodness the chips were better. This is a rarity for me, my friend was in town and we said... oh let's just go for it..super tasty grub @gauchogroup a feast fit for a king (and queen). In truth I only had a few Chips (would have been rude not too).. but thoroughly enjoyed every bite. Big love guys! Lorraine xxx #cakesandweights #eatlivebalance #weighttraining #10aday

πŸ’– T R Y I N G πŸ’–these triceps press ups with a close grip and shoulders pinned to the sides are not the easiest for me!! Thanks @lomaxpt for the motivation. I'm getting there. Really trying to build more muscle (so I can eat more food because as you know more muscle means faster metabolism). As a model I wanted to be super skinny.. as I am now I want to be flexible and strong and eat the odd sweet treat (cake) when I like without worrying about anything πŸ˜‡. People say they are afraid of bulking up when lifting. Well if you want to bulk up then you'll need to be eating about 6 chicken breasts a day plus a whole lot more so ladies... all you'll see when you start lifting weights (I'm determined to get you there) are things like
stronger bones
Can help reduce stress and anxiety
Increased immune system
Can lower cardio vascular disease risk
Speeds up metabolism- enabling guilt free cake eating from time to time(!) Increases growth hormone (which helps increase lean muscle and decrease body fat)
Firmer more contoured body
Better posture
Faster results with changes in body shape (and eating right)
And so much more!
Are you BAKING this weekend..? Let's try and do a little gym session today or something at home so we can all get that perfect balance... cakes πŸŽ‚ and weights πŸ‹πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ
Big love Lorraine xxx❀️ #authenticity #weighttraining #tricepdips #bodybuilding #lurv @lurvsportswear @spiritualgangster

πŸ˜‰ S C R O L L πŸ˜‰ across for all the pictures.
I love this post training and it helps me to get all of my #10aday. Would you have this with fish or without?
Salmon steak
Black beans
Black bean pasta
Tenderstem broccoli
Avocado oil
Have a great evening.
Big love Lorraine xxx
#buddhabowl #buddhabowls #weighttraining #authenticity

❀️L I F E ❀️ does anyone else relate to this? Love it. Thanks to @paleochef for the inspo! Keep on going, you're doing great! Big love Lorraine xxxx

πŸ“ P E A N U T πŸ“ butter and strawberry financier cakes. Sooo cute! Love the way they look. Something to bake for this weekend? Because on the weekends... we bake. A little treat for all the weeks healthy(ish) eating. From my book BAKE. Big love Lorraine xxxx #weighttraining #authenticity #bakeandshare #buddhabowl #cakes

❀️ S L O W ❀️ sumo deadlifts . Working hard after eating hard. A slap up meal @busabaeathai last night and plenty of sweet food on the way home πŸ™€. So this is Time under tension. These don't have to be heavy (40kg), it's all about the mind muscle connection and keeping it slow. Great session with @lomaxpt Getting ready for a photo shoot in four weeks time πŸ‘€. Big love Lorraine xxx #authenticity #balance #weights #weighttraining @lomaxpt @spiritualgangster

πŸ’– S W E E T πŸ’– potato fries in the house today with sesame seed Coated chicken! I know maybe a little unusual for breakfast but they really do taste very good! Thank to @lomaxpt for helping me today! Big love and have a great day! Lorraine xxxx #eatlivebalance #bakeandshare #balance #buddhabowl #authenticity #buddhabowls

πŸ™πŸΏT I R E D πŸ™πŸΏ Watson after two very long walks today. He needed a bit of a carry! Good exercise for me some long slow cardio in the park. I don't like HIIT training and can't do it anyway post all my knee surgeries so this works fine for me to keep the weight down between the Pilates, cakes and weights. And a Lovely thing to do with friends too. It's all about connecting with people for a healthy mind and soul. Hope you are managing to have some face to face with someone today and really connect, honestly and openly... it's so fulfilling don't you think? Have a great evening big love Lorraine xxx #authenticity #balance #bakeandshare #eatlivebalance #batterseapark #liss

πŸ‹πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ P O S T-W O R K O U T πŸ‹πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ meal. And 10
Of my #10aday.
38g carbs
23g fat
26g protein
Salmon with thyme pan fried in avocado oil
Spring onions
Courgette spirals
Tiniest amount of feta
I love the balance of eating naughty and then eating nice! Salad and cake! What are you having for lunch? My post workout meal from a session with @lomaxpt today.
Have a great day! Lorraine xxx #eatlivebalance #balance #authenticity #lunchideaa #postworkoutmeal #postworkout #iifym

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