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Lorra Elena Angbue-Te  🌿 Watercolor and Procreate artist 👶🏻Mommy to Olibee 🐝 1/2 of Homeycomb: A Family Life 🌼 Matthew 5: 13-16 🍁 hello@lorraelena.com #lorraelena


I’ve been enjoying sketching these snacks lately. Thinking of adding a few more.

Any favorite snacks to suggest?

#lorraelena #illustration #gouache #procreate #digital #meiji #snacks #food #foodillustration

Quick sketch of one of my favorite childhood treats. I shouldn’t be thinking of this so early in the morning.

#lorraelena #illustration #procreate #gouache #yanyan #meiji #snack

I’m a fan of just using normal non-maternity and non-nursing clothes while pregnant and breastfeeding. But I’m also not above getting cute and functional maternity/nursing clothes. I was really pleased with my recent purchase from @elin_ph so I couldn’t help but draw my haul.

The dress is specifically something I picked for bringing home the baby from the hospital. I knew I needed something that wouldn’t hurt or restrict my C-section area and this flowy and loose design was perfect. ❤️ #lorraelena #illustration #clothinghaul #maternitywear #nursingwear #pregnancy #breastfeeding #artph #momfindsph #momlife

With just a few weeks before my scheduled delivery, I’m already feeling quite anxious. I didn’t have the best time delivering my firstborn, so my mind is going through all the things that could go wrong again this time around.

Blogged about these worries and my hopeful prayers that God will grant me a better experience with this 2nd pregnancy.

http://lorraelena.com/birthing-worries | Link in bio

#lorraelena #biblelettering #lettering #pregnancy #givingbirth

I made these illustrations for a new blog on my new website, to share my new skin care routine. 💆

Pregnancy and breastfeeding has really messed with my skin, and I'm trying this out to revive my damaged face. 🤣

Link in the bio! 🖥️📱 Illustrations made with Procreate, the iPad Pro, and an Apple pencil.

#lorraelena #illustration #artph #kbeauty #skincare #koreanskincare #koreanskincareroutine

A bit late in announcing this, but I've come out with 2 weekly planner designs at this year's @manilainternationalbookfair. Find these and a new children's book by my husband @elbertor at the Tahanan Books booth. 😊

#lorraelena #planner #weeklyplanner #mibf2017 #tahananbooks #stationery #stationeryph #manilainternationalbookfair #mibf

"When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy."

I haven't always quite understood God's plans for me, and this often brought me anxiety, anger, and doubt.

But, I always end up realizing, through one way or another, that having Him in my life is the source of my ultimate joy. And that His plans are for me to be near Him, and to find that unlimited well of happiness in Him.

#lorraelena #30daysofbiblelettering #lettering #ipadlettering

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations."

Soooooo, I foolishly thought I could do this challenge of @30daysofbiblelettering everyday. Hehehe. Oops.

Here's me, trying to catch up.

#30daysofbiblelettering #lorraelena #lettering #ipadlettering

"God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble."

When I attempted the @30daysofbiblelettering project before, I failed to finish because my son got sick for what seemed like forever. Now, I'm attempting it again while he's going through another round of being sick. So let's see if I can make it to 30.

I've never needed God in my life as much as I need him now. Daily life as a mom is just crazy hard. Oftentimes, I feel so empty and stretched past my limit. But God is greater and stronger than all my limits.

There are times when I forget to lean on Him or choose to ignore Him, and those are the times I'm at my weakest. Only God can give that extra push that we all need during our most trying times.

#lorraelena #lettering #ipadlettering #30daysofbiblelettering

Every time I pick up the brush again, the look of my work changes. Haha!

Bento photo reference by @harupopopo.

Paper: @mosseryco
Paints: Daniel Smith from @des_artroom and Prima Shimmering Lights from @artnebulaph
Brush: Escoda from @artwhale.ph
#watercolor #illustration #painting #bento #food #foodillustration

Reposting this from a few years ago for this glorious Easter day. Jesus is risen!

On another note, I miss making more intensive and time-consuming paintings like this.

@Regrann from @lorraelena - I got really inspired by @ellieholcomb's Marvelous Light (listen to it because it's an amazing song), so I made this. All the while painting, I felt anything but confident that it'll turn out okay, but I just offered it up to God as my love letter to Him and I think that has made all the difference. #watercolor #painting #artph #art #illustration #lettering #light #starsfordreams #worship #lorraelena - #regrann

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